Capture Rwanda: StoryKast launches a photo-competition that will help young Rwandans explore and exploit photography skills

On 16 September 2020 at 04:49

StoryKast, a Kigali-based company that specializes in photography, videography and graphic designing, has come up with a photographic competition dubbed “Capture Rwanda” that will help young Rwandans aspiring to be professionals in the trade of photography to explore and polish their skills. This is the first-ever such competition in Rwanda.

StoryKast is targeting to support young people between the ages of 16 and 29 to showcase their skills through the photography profession. Besides the prizes, the company will help participants in the marketing of their skills.

The competition will start from 16 September to 16th November 2020.

Contestants will take photos of their favorite sites and panoramas that may include animals, landscapes, people-interactions or other activities in their reach with unique concepts that trigger awe among the viewers. The captured image will then be posted on the StoryKast website, ( for review by experts’ who will appreciate and award marks accordingly.

The winning photograph must have a special meaning for Rwanda, a description that will show the person who photographed it.

All the photos have to be original and special.

Photographers should not have to look for expensive tools, because the competition will not focus on the capabilities of the equipment used, but on the technical, originality, and conceptual details of the photos.

Of course, there is a need for a clear picture, so that the judges of the competition will be able to get the points from the start.

For the winners of this competition, the prizes are very exciting. The first one will be awarded Rwf 300,000, the second one Rwf200, 000, and the third one Rwf100, 000.

Olga Ines, the director of StoryKast, told IGIHE that the competition has been designed to help children who are on vacation and others who have lost their jobs during these difficult times of Coronavirus, to continue their training, and have the opportunity to win money.

She added that the competition is the first of its kind in Rwanda, with a focus on helping people in this industry to be recognized and earn.

Olga encourages competitors to be authentic, original and avoid any reliance on third party skills other than relying on someone’s expertise to make it happen.

“One can use an important device [such as a camera] to take a nice picture which, anyway, may not necessarily be unique. However there is someone else who can use his or her phone and take a photo that has its own character, uniqueness, special message and style; different from other photos. So we will look at a person’s skills, rather than the device," she added.

She said that they encourage the participants to use the tools that will make the uniqueness of their photos stand out.

The Capture Rwanda competition is being held for the first time, and StoryKast says it will organize the same on a regular basis, expanding to bigger prizes and categories of participants.

The competition is sponsored by IGIHE Ltd.