Cardinal Kambanda administers confirmation of 23 inmates at Nyarugenge Prison

On 3 October 2022 at 10:29

The Archbishop of Kigali Diocese, Cardinal Antoine Kambanda has read a Mass at Nyarugenge Prison located in Mageragere during which 23 inmates received confirmation sacrament.

The Mass read on Sunday 2nd October 2022 coincided with the celebration of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus whose life was characterized by love and innocence.

It was attended by the Deputy Commissioner General of Rwanda Correctional Service (RCS), DCGP Rose Muhisoni; RCS Spokesperson, SSP Pelly Uwera Gakwaya and the Director of Nyarugenge Prison, SP Augustin Uwayezu.

Cardinal Kambanda was accompanied by Bishop André Havugimana, the chaplain of Mageragere Prison which is part of the Centrale Saint Therese of the Child Jesus in Butamwa Parish.

Cardinal Kambanda told gathered congregants that God loves human beings but detest their sins. He asked them to allow the Holy Spirit to guide their steps and shun evil acts.

Using an example of an inspiring quote of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus, Cardinal Kambanda said that those willing to join the Kingdom of God should be willing to become like little children.

“We are little in front of God and need to respect what God teaches us,” he said.

Cardinal Kambanda requested inmates to look back to their past when they were little and innocent kids to restore that image and strive to build the nation instead of committing crimes.

During the Mass, inmates were taken through the parable of the Lost Sheep in the Bible included in the Gospels of Luke 15:1-7.

The parable of the Lost Sheep is about a shepherd who had 100 sheep but 1 of them wandered off and got lost. The shepherd left the 99 and went in search of the lost sheep until he finds it and celebrates its return.

The parable reflects how Jesus came to the world to save his sheep sinking into evil acts to return them to the ‘Father in Heaven’.

Speaking to IGIHE after the Mass, Cardinal Kambanda said that inmates are also stuck in crimes and need someone to help them get rid of them.

DCGP Muhisoni thanked the Catholic Church for its contribution to inmates’ rehabilitation programs to convert them into good citizens working with others to fast track national development.

Cardinal Kambanda urged inmates to shun the evil and let the Holy Spirit guide their steps.
A total of 23 inmates at Nyarugenge Prison received the confirmation sacrament on Sunday.
Representatives from RCS also attended the Mass read by Cardinal Kambanda.