China DongFeng Motor becomes the leading car for the Rwanda Marathon

On 30 May 2022 at 05:29

On 29th May, the 17th Kigali International Peace Marathon (KIPM) kicked off at Kigali Arena in Remera. As an annual sports event in Rwanda, it was relaunched after two years suspension owing to Covid-19 epidemic. It has been warmly welcomed by marathon enthusiasts and professional athletes from all over the world, and has also attracted widespread attention from all walks of life.

This is an important event for Rwanda’s economy. It is reported that the Rwanda Athletics Federation (RAF) also intends to cooperate with different institutions by doing more meaningful activities to help recovering the Rwanda economy in the post-epidemic era. At the same time, the event was a rehearsal for the forthcoming Commonwealth Conference to be held in June. It is indeed a complete success under the leadership of RAF.

China Dong feng Motor’s T5EVO has become the leading car for Kigali International Peace Marathon.

The reporter noticed that it is the first time for KIPM to use a Chinese brand car as the race leading car. It is Dongfeng Forthing T5 EVO. With its eye catching appearance, it amazed all the audience at the venue.

It is a historical moment to see the first impression of Chinese brand car assuming such important role which is usually done by the European, American, Japanese and Korean car in the past. Perhaps it’s even unprecedented in Africa.

After the game, our reporter came to KN7 Kanogo Road Plot No.40 and visited the Carcarbaba Company, the agent who introduced the car to Rwanda, to find out more about the brand and cars.

The leading car T5 EVO is from China Dongfeng Motor Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Dongfeng). It has more than 60 years of experience in vehicle manufacturing. Having two production bases for commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles respectively, Dongfeng achieved an annual production of 1,000,000 units. The products are exported to America, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, etc.with satisfactory recognition and popularity among local consumers.

The T5 EVO embodies short front and rear overhangs, low body shape, combining mascular outlines on both sides of the body. What a sportive car carrying the image of an athletic leotard. This is how Mr. Henning describes its design, who is the styling director of T5 EVO and has worked in GM, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo and other companies.

In addition, the T5 EVO is also equipped with a Mitsubishi 4A95TD engine with a maximum horsepower of 197PS. And it adopts the same Getrag 7-gear double-clutch wet transmission as BMW M3. It is the world’s top three well-known transmission brands, making the power and maneuver ability of the T5 EVO comparable to the flagship models of other well-known brands.

So what is the drive behind the Made-in-China Automobile Industry in recent years which is gradually recognized by global consumers?

The manager of CCBB took mobile phones as an example. Ten years ago, well-known mobile phone brands in the world such as Apple, Nokia and Samsung chose to set up factories in China which made China the manufacturing supply chain system is becoming more and more mature. The China brand TECNO have become a household name in Africa with more than 50% of market share.

Be it Apple, Nokia and Samsung, majority of spare parts come from China. The story of China brand automotive industry development share many aspects of the successful China mobile phone industry. Both of them spring off with wide spared relocation of spare parts manufacturing and OEM assembly by established well known brand to China.In 2021, China’s export of vehicles has reached 2,000,000 units with lower price and high quality. A strong supply chain will bring extremely high product cost performance, and better performance and styles can be obtained at the same price. It can be seen that it is not unreasonable that Chinese cars are welcomed by consumers around the world.

Carcarbaba has pledged to introduce Chinese cars on Rwandan market.

It can be said that Chinese auto brands are slowly forming their own influence and competitiveness in the international market. High standard, high quality and high cost performance, this is the reason why Dongfeng, which is "Made in China", dares to use the brand as the leading car of the competition.

In the future, Dongfeng promise to bring to the market more innovation and high quality products. The reporter also learned that while bringing high-quality cars to Rwanda, Dongfeng also established the first 4S store in Kigali - the above-mentioned Carcarbaba Company, which is an offline business integrating display, sales, after-sales, and maintenance. The store also marks the establishment of Dongfeng’s after-sales service system and maintenance system in Rwanda to improve Rwandan consumers’ confidence and sales experience in Dongfeng Motors. This courage and confidence of Dongfeng to challenge and accept the test of new markets coincides with the sports spirit conveyed by the marathon.

The T5 EVO is also equipped with a Mitsubishi 4A95TD engine.

The person in charge of CCBB told reporters that China, which has formed a world-class automobile manufacturing system in the world, is actively responding to the call of China’s "One Belt, One Road" policy and Rwanda’s "Vision 2050". More high-quality, more cost-effective Chinese cars and the best services will be shared with the Rwandan people, injecting a new force into the Rwandan auto industry and market. With the excellent quality of "Made in China", we will win the trust of Rwandan people and develop together with Rwanda. "Grow with Rwandans, For Rwanda" is exactly our greatest wish when we come here.

Carcarbaba Address:
KN7 Kanogo Road, Plot No.40 Kigali, Rwanda

Carcarbaba has pledged to introduce Chinese cars on Rwandan market.
The T5 EVO is also equipped with a Mitsubishi 4A95TD engine.
The T5 EVO used in this competition is a brand-new SUV launched by Dongfeng in 2021.
With its excellent appearance, Dongfeng’s T5 EVO amazed the audience at the venue.
China Dong feng Motor’s T5EVO has become the leading car for Kigali International Peace Marathon.