Chinese Embassy supports Imbuto Foundation’s COVID-19 prevention efforts

On 7 May 2021 at 04:37

The Chinese Embassy in Rwanda has today donated various items worth approximately Rwf 53 million, including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), in support of Rwanda and Imbuto Foundation’s COVID-19 prevention and response efforts.

Donated items included 520 boxes of respiratory masks, 500 bottles of hand sanitizer, 200 thermometers and 300 Mara smartphones. These items will help hundreds of Community Health Workers and vulnerable households, mainly in rural areas and are a welcomed addition to the Foundation’s efforts in contributing to national response efforts in various sectors.

The ceremony took place at Chinese Embassy, where Mrs. Xing Yuchun, DCM, Political Counselor at the Embassy, handed over the donations to Mrs. Radegonde Ndejuru, Senior Advisor in the Office of the First Lady and Board Member of Imbuto Foundation, as well as Ms. Sandrine Umutoni, Imbuto Foundation’s Director General.

In her remarks, Mrs. Radegonde appreciated the long term partnership between Imbuto Foundation and the Chinese Embassy, which started in 2012. Apart from the donation of PPE equipment, the Embassy has also supported the construction of a playground for children in Kacyiru Primary School and provided annual secondary scholarships for Rwandan students through Imbuto Foundation’s education programmes, since 2012.

Yuchun congratulated Imbuto Foundation for its achievements over the past 20 years, highlighting that this year also marks the 50th anniversary of China-Rwanda diplomatic ties. She further affirmed the Embassy’s commitment to the fight against COVID-19 in Rwanda.

“During this time of the pandemic, the Chinese Embassy wishes to further our cooperation by supporting local Rwandans’ fight against COVID-19. We hope what we donated can provide better protection for Community Health Workers and better educate people about the pandemic,” she said.

To-date, the Foundation has collaborated with governmental bodies, institutions and other key stakeholders to fight the spread of the COVID-19. More specifically, the Foundation has supported the raising of USD 100,000 to the purchase of a new Covid-19 testing machines to be used in increasing the testing capacity of the country and; has developed and disseminated information and material on radio, aimed at helping young listeners and their parents cope with COVID-19 related restrictions, encouraging positive parenting and promoting healthy lifestyles.

Going forward, Imbuto Foundation seeks to continue supporting national efforts in protecting Community Health Workers, as their role continues to expand and place them at the frontline of this pandemic.

Among others, the Foundation is looking to support young learners, especially those from vulnerable families, to access educational and school content via local radios.

Through the Connect Rwanda initiative that aims at ensuring that each household in the country owns at least a smartphone especially during these uncertain times; Imbuto Foundation seeks to support at least 300 vulnerable families.

The ceremony took place at Chinese Embassy.
Mrs. Xing Yuchun, DCM, Political Counselor at the Embassy (L), handed over the donated items to Mrs. Radegonde Ndejuru, Senior Advisor in the Office of the First Lady and Board Member of Imbuto Foundation (R)..
Through a partnership established in 2012, the Chinese Embassy has supported various initiatives under Imbuto Foundation's Education Programme.