Chinese man who beat Rwandans tied on timber with a rope handed 20-year jail term

On 20 April 2022 at 07:06

Karongi Intermediary Court has handed 20-year sentence to a Chinese man identified as Shujun Sun after he was found guilty of torturing his employees suspected of stealing minerals.

The ruling was read on Tuesday 19th April 2022. Following the verdict, the Chinese was immediately arrested to serve his jail-term in Rubavu Prison.

His files had been sent to the Prosecution on 30th August 2021.

Shujun Sun was accused along with Alexis Renzaho, an engineer who was in charge of mining operations and Leonidas Nsanzimana, a security guard at the Chinese company operating in Rutsiro and Nyamasheke districts.

They were arraigned before court on account of complicity in torture.

On 21st September 2021, Gihango Primary Court remanded Shujun Sun and the two co-accused individuals.

The accused appealed against the decision where Karongi Intermediary Court released Shujun Sun on bail on 14th October 2021. At the time, the court ordered the confiscation of his passport and charged a bail fee of Rwf10,000,000 as surety.

After suspecting people to have stolen his minerals, Shujun Sun convened a meeting and issued a warning that whoever caught roaming around his quarry or suspected of theft will be beaten at a place called Golgotha where he erected a wooden pole.

The Chinese man used the pole to inflict corporal punishment on two suspected young men tied on a timber with a rope in Nyamasheke.

The viral video in which the Chinese man was seen whipping the young men served as an evidence to sue him along with his accomplices, Alexis Renzaho and Nsanzimana on account of torture.

Shujun Sun who was represented by defence lawyers admitted to have beaten the young men explaining that the assault was not to the level of torture.

He however admitted to have assaulted and injured them which he attributed to persistent theft at his company called Ali Group Holdings Ltd, which local leaders were aware of.

Considering available evidences, the Prosecution requested the court to hand 20 years sentence to Shujun Sun.

During trial proceedings, victims of the assault including Azarias Niyomukiza, Gratien Ngendahimana, Deo Bihoyiki and Thomas Baributsa requested compensation.

After analyzing the case and hearing both sides, Karongi Intermediary Court explained that there are enough evidences pinning the Chinese man, Shujun Sun on torture crime.

The court said that Alexis Renzaho was an accomplice who collaborated with Shujun Sun.

The court also acquitted Leonidas Nsanzimana over lacking enough evidences pinning him.

The court handed 20-year sentence to Shujun Sun and 12-year jail term to Renzaho.

The court also ordered that Shujun Sun and Renzaho will pay compensation worth Rwf2.5 million to each victim of the torture. They will also pay defence lawyers of the plaintiffs.

Shujun Sun and Renzaho have been given one month to have appealed against the decision.

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The two assaulted young men who appeared in the video that triggered mixed reactions.
The Chinese man who beat Rwandans tied on timber with a rope has been handed 20-year jail term.