Chinese medical team in Rwanda donates medical supplies to Kibungo Hospital

On 13 August 2021 at 11:24

The China 21st medical team in Rwanda has donated various medical equipment and drugs to Kibungo referral hospital in Ngoma-Eastern Province. The ceremony held on Thursday August 12, was attended by Kibungo medical staff led by Dr. Gahima John, the Director General of Kibungo Hospital and China medical team led by Dr. Wu Yao.

Chinese medical partnership with Kibungo hospital started way back in 1982 and Chinese doctors work hand in hand with their Rwandan counterparts to provide health care services to hundreds of patients from Ngoma and other distant districts in Eastern Province.

Speaking at the event, Dr. Gahima welcomed the donation highlighting that received equipment will help the hospital to provide the needed healthcare services to patients without necessity to transfer them to Kigali.

Rwanda’s partnership with China in the medical field is intended to deliver efficient and effective healthcare for all.

“Rwanda needs to partner with many other countries as we learn a lot from each other. That is what we want as Rwandans in order to continue improving healthcare among our people,” said Dr. Gahima.

The China medical teams and Rwandan health professionals learn from each other and improve their knowledge so that they can offer high quality services to the patients.

“The cooperation between China and Rwanda is very important for the benefit of the two countries. For Kibungo Hospital in particular, the partnership helps Rwandans, our district of Ngoma and other parts of Eastern Province in particular.” The Director General of Kibungo Hospital, Dr. Gasana John stressed.

As China and Rwanda prepare to celebrate 50 years of diplomatic relations, partnership in the medical field is one of the strong areas where the two countries have worked together to improve the well-being of the Rwandan people. Rwanda aspires to build its health system to international standards and China has been a reliable partner in this journey.

The story was originally published by Africa China review

Dr. Gahima John, Director General Kibungo Hospital (middle) receiving medical supplies donated by China 21st medical team in Rwanda. Photo: Africa China Review Aug 12, 2021
Donated medical supplies upon delivery at Kibungo Hospital. Photo: Africa China Review: Aug.12, 2021
Dr. Yang Wen Hui-Gynecologist- obstetrics examining a pregnant mother at Kibungo Hospital. Dr. Yang is also the leader of the China medical team at Kibungo hospital. Photo: Africa China Review: Aug.12, 2021