Chorale de Kigali announces changes in ‘Christmas Carols Concert 2022’

By Zaninka Umutesi
On 21 September 2022 at 03:30

Chorale de Kigali, one of the choirs that have conquered the hearts of the lovers of music has prepared a concert that will help fans prepare for Christmas, end the year 2022 well and enter 2023 with contentment.

This concert called “Christmas Carols Concert” is organized every year by Chorale de Kigali in a special and innovative way to satisfy the yearning of its fans.

This time, the concert has been organized with changes. Normally, the Christmas Carols Concert takes place on the Sunday before Christmas Day there have been changes where it is set for Friday 16th December in this year.

In an IGIHE interview with Rukundo Charles Lwanga, the organizer of the concert, revealed that putting it on Friday was due to the fact that there are other football events for the World Cup that they don’t want to make their fans have to choose what event to attend or miss.

“Since Sunday is the final of the World Cup, putting the two together would be betraying our fans. There is also another third place playoff on Saturday but there is no match on Friday,” he said.

The last two concerts of the Chorale de Kigali took place at BK Arena building.

This time, it will be held at ‘Kigali Conference and Exhibition Village’, the former premises ‘camp Kigali’.

It will take place in the big tent that can accommodate 3500 people.

Rukundo said that the tickets for the concert will be released early next month [October] and the seats will be checked so that everyone will know where they will be seated according to their ticket number.

“On the day of the concert, everyone will come and see the seat number that corresponds to the ticket number. We used this in 2019 and it worked well.”

The last two years were marked by the Covid-19 epidemic, but that did not stop Chorale de Kigali from performing for its fans.

Even though some concerts did not happen as expected due to COVID-19 related restrictions, Rukundo assured fans that this year’s concert will be special because the measures to prevent Covid-19 have been eased.

“This is the first concert we are going to do after the easing of restrictions. They will get the music that they have been deprived of. We started the preparations early, the singers are in advanced stages of preparation so that people will enjoy,” he noted.

Chorale de Kigali has also organized a new initiative to ask people through social media, to list their favorite songs from their past concerts that they want to be sung in this year’s concert, the three to be selected will be added on the list of songs to be performed. It is a program that will start in the next few days.

“We want our fans to participate in the preparation of the songs that will be performed,” said Rukundo.

Chorale de Kigali was founded in 1966.

Last year's concert took place at BK Arena.