City of Kigali commits to complete study plan of Nduba landfill by end of March

On 5 March 2021 at 11:47

The parliamentary chamber of deputies recently requested the Auditor General to launch an audit into the use of the budget allocated to Nduba landfill. Nduba dumpsite is located in Nduba sector, Gasabo district of Kigali city.

The parliament made the request recently on 2nd Wednesday 2021, as it presented report on recent MPs visits in different districts to Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC).

In October 2020, the parliament’s general assembly tasked PAC to follow up the budget allocated to building and maintenance of Nduba modern landfill after realizing increase in budget that didn’t bear fruits.

In October last year, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Economy and Trade reported that Nduba landfill exposes neighboring residents at risk.

Parliamentarians have been expressing concerns that the landfill was relocated from Kicukiro to Nduba without study plan which they consider the major cause for increasing budget.

The landfill is under the management of the Ministry of Infrastructure (MININFRA), the City of Kigali, Water and Sanitation Corporation (WASAC), and Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA).

The Chairperson of PAC, Muhakwa Valens, has said that digging deeper into the case involved an analysis of documents related to the landfill and advised entities with the mandate to supervise its management.
The Auditor General revealed that Rwf2.5 billion have been used for the management of the landfill.

During recent discussions between PAC and Kigali city, the latter explained that the landfill’s management has so far taken Rwf 2.7 billion.

PAC Chairperson said that the budget allocated to Nduba landfill has been increasing and stressed the need to estimate the real budget used to the landfill.

Speaking to IGIHE, PAC Chairperson Muhakwa Valens said that the City of Kigali has decided to make a study plan initially showing estimated total budget for the landfill.
“After observing that the budget was gradually increasing, we found need to assess the budget used to manage the landfill,” he said.

Muhakwa said that Kigali city committed to complete the study plan by March 2021.

“During discussions with the City of Kigali, we were told that the study plan might be available by end of March. So, we are hopeful that the study plan will show how much to be spent on the landfill until it becomes productive,” he explained.

The report also shows that only 40% of 444 residents to be relocated from surroundings of the landfill were compensated.

The executive secretary of Gasabo district, Umwari Pauline has told IGIHE that some of them have been already compensated while 93 residents have been registered awaiting compensation.

She explained that some of these residents have difficulties related to land documents with land disputes still handled by competent courts.

Umwari Pauline has also revealed that Gasabo district’s advisory committee has scheduled a meeting on Friday 5th March 2021 to study the case before releasing payments.

Nduba landfill accumulates over 500 tons of waste materials are dumped on daily basis.

The landfill stretched over 24.2 hectares is expected to be expanded to 54 hectares.

Nduba landfill. Photo Timothy Kisambira