Clear Trust Consulting’s journey to educate over 200 African diaspora finance professionals

By Karirima Aimable Ngarambe
On 22 February 2024 at 04:27

Janvier Nzamutuma, the Founder and Manging Director of Clear Trust Consulting (CTC), a consultancy firm focused on advancing the capabilities of finance professionals across Europe, has disclosed the achievement of training more than 200 individuals since its establishment.

Since opening its doors on October 25, 2019, the firm has embarked on a partnership with the European Business University of Luxembourg, engaging in various projects and providing extensive training courses in business, economics, and finance targeted at the African diaspora in Europe.

The firm’s operations span across several countries, including Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Singapore, the United States, and Rwanda.

In an interview with IGIHE, Nzamutuma elaborated on the consultancy’s journey, beginning with a single student and progressively expanding its client base as confidence in its offerings grew, culminating in the conferment of over 90 accredited certificates by 2024.

He remarked, "Starting from a modest beginning with one individual, we’ve reached a milestone of training more than 200 students, with more enrolling for the upcoming, the 6th cohort. This signifies our continuous advancement, and with the progression of CTC, an increasing number of individuals are securing employment."

He further highlighted, "The surge in enrolment and participation in these training sessions correlates directly with enhanced job prospects. Motivated individuals, especially those who are inherently committed, tend to secure employment swiftly. Those who gain employment often spread the word to others."

Nzamutuma also shared that CTC has garnered support from various quarters, including the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), a renowned private university in Brussels, which facilitated the graduation ceremony for the fifth cohort.

This particular group of graduates boasted a diverse representation from countries such as Belgium, Luxembourg, Finland, Austria, the United Kingdom, Canada, Rwanda, Burundi, Senegal, Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Germany, Spain, and Togo.

"These are Africans residing in various nations. This year, we observed a remarkable trend of individuals leaving their countries to partake in this event. We were also honored with the presence of participants from Rwanda, some of whom traveled specifically to Brussels to sit for their exams," he noted.

Nzamutuma pointed out that the heightened interest in the training programs stems from the demand for the imparted knowledge in the European job market, a trend that has been prevalent since 2008 due to regulations concerning the origin of assets and finances.

"The integration of new methodologies by banks is generating employment opportunities. In Luxembourg, there’s a scarcity of skilled labor, leading to statements like, ’Since we can’t find the required talent locally, we will seek it abroad.’ This opens up avenues for Africans to secure job opportunities in Luxembourg," he stated.

Nzamutuma also revealed that CTC has initiated collaborations with several institutions that value their contributions.

He had meetings with the Secretary of State in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning of Rwanda and the Minister of Finance of Luxembourg, to whom he introduced the CTC program designed to boost financial literacy.

Nzamutuma revealed that the company has initiated partnerships with several institutions that have recognized and valued their contributions.
Janvier Nzamutuma, the Founder and Manging Director of Clear Trust Consulting during an interview with IGIHE.
Janvier Nzamutuma, the Founder and Managing Director of Clear Trust Consulting showcased the effectiveness of the CTC, highlighting its role in educating individuals in the field of finance.
Nzamutuma attributed the surge in attendance at training sessions to the high demand for CTC’s expertise in the European job market.

Photos capturing the graduation ceremony of the fifth CTC cohort

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Photos: Jessica Rutayisire