Commissioner General of Zambia Correctional Service visits Kigali Genocide Memorial

On 27 April 2021 at 11:30

The Commissioner General of Zambia Correctional Service, Dr Chisela Chileshe and his delegation have visited Kigali Genocide Memorial located in Gisozi where they received explanations on history of the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi.

Dr. Chisela Chileshe who visited the memorial yesterday evening was accompanied by the Commissioner General of Rwanda Correctional Service (RCS), CG Juvénal Marizamunda.

After touring different parts of the memorial, the delegation laid wreaths to mass graves and paid tribute to genocide victims.

The Commissioner General of Zambia, Dr. Chisela said that genocide was perpetrated with extreme cruelty and called on Rwandans and the international community to learn from such history to prevent reoccurrence of Genocide.

“I would like to convey a message that hatred we should not leave loopholes for hatred, and ethnic divisionism because they are destructive,” he said.

Dr. Chisela warned people denying and trivializing Genocide against Tutsi particularly perpetrators roaming freely in foreign countries that they should return to Rwanda to witness severity of their wrongful acts.

“They should neither deny nor trivialize Genocide against Tutsi. What happened in Rwanda reflects extreme cruelty. Genocide fugitives who killed neighbors and friends should return to witness their wrongful acts,” he said.

“Today, Rwanda is a peaceful and secured country abiding by laws. They can seek forgiveness if they return. And am sure that they can be forgiven or get justice. I stand against people denying Genocide against Tutsi after witnessing history at this memorial,” added Dr. Chisela.

He stressed need to draw special attention to inmates convicted of Genocide crimes to rehabilitate them into more responsible citizens upon release.

"Zambia and Rwanda Correctional Services are learning from each other. We have a heavy responsibilities to ensure that inmates are not only rehabilitated physically but also psychologically because a traumatized mind is very dangerous," said Dr. Chisela.

"Thousands of inmates in Rwanda, are Genocide convicts who need a lot of attention. We will work together with RCS to ensure that we build capacity together and help our brothers in other areas of cooperation so that inmates are rehabilitated into responsible citizens upon reintegration into the society,” he said.

Dr. Chisela thanked Rwanda’s leadership led by President Paul Kagame for reuniting Rwandans and rebuilding the country that had been shaken during Genocide against Tutsi.

The Commissioner General of Zambia Correctional Service, Dr. Chisela Chileshe and his delegation are in Rwanda for seven-day visit to exchange best practice with counterparts from RCS.

The Commissioner General of Zambia Correctional Service laying wreaths at Kigali Genocide Memorial.