Congolese soldier shot dead at Rwanda’s border in Rubavu

On 17 June 2022 at 09:25

A soldier of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has been shot dead as he attacked Rwandan Policemen on guard with a rapid fire at the country’s small border with Rwanda in Rubavu District commonly known as ’Petite Barrière’.

It is said that the soldier of Congolese Army (FARDC) was equipped with AK 47 gun when he opened the rapid fire on the police officers who responded to the shooting for self-defence.

The border is located in Gasutamo Village, Mbugangari Cell of Gisenyi Sector in Rubavu District.

Sources reveal that the Congolese soldier stormed Rwandan territory shooting at Rwanda’s Police officers and injured one of them.

The policemen fired one bullet as a warning to the attacker and later shot him on the head after declining to stop.

A source has told IGIHE that the body is laid on Rwandan side close to metallic bars at the border.

Officials have not yet commented on the incident but media houses in DRC have reported that the country’s authorities have launched probe into the case.

Some media houses in DRC have revealed that the killed soldier stormed Rwandan territory tutting that he wants to revenge for colleagues who lost lives during FARDC fighting with M23.

The attack follows recent incident at the border between Rwanda and DRC in Goma where Congolese took to street in large numbers for protests against Rwanda accusing it of supporting M23 rebel group in clashes with Congolese Army.

Rioters mounted demonstrations at Petite Barrière on Tuesday this week where they threw stones on Rwandan territory.

They also attempted to storm Rwanda but Rwanda National Police foiled them.

DRC continues to accuse Rwanda of being behind the resurgence of M23 claiming that the neighbouring country helped the rebel group to seize Bunagana town.

Rwanda has repeatedly refuted these allegations and urged DRC to solve its internal problems without dragging it into a war.

Meanwhile, the rebel group recently denied having any connections with Rwanda highlighting that some of weapons used during the battle have been bought from FARDC soldiers while others were kept in their hideouts long ago.

DRC provocations on Rwanda have escalated in the past few weeks where it has been abusing Kinyarwanda-speaking citizens.

The citizens accused of having connections with Rwanda have also seen their belongings looted.

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The Congolese soldier has been shot dead at the country's border with Rwanda in Rubavu District.