Congolese stage more protests against Rwanda

On 15 June 2022 at 10:53

Congolese have taken to streets for protests against Rwanda accusing the neighbouring country of supporting M23 rebel group.

The demonstrations took place in different places including Goma and premises of Rwanda’s embassy in Kinshasa, the capital city of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Those who participated in the protests include parliamentarians, representatives from civil society organizations, ordinary citizens, motorcyclists and traders among others.

In Goma, protestors turned violent and mounted demonstrations at the country’s small border with Rwanda commonly known as ’Petite Barrière’ where they threw stones on Rwandan territory.

Protests are escalating in DRC where all political parties harbouring destructive ideologies against Rwanda are requesting for approval to stage demonstrations.

Each political party has to write to DRC leadership requesting for a go ahead to mount protests at Rwanda’s embassy in the country.

Rwanda’s embassy is headquartered in Avenue de Justice in Kinshasa. It is located in a multi-storey building which also houses different businesses.

The embassy’s officials are safe as the majority opted to work from home lest they are assaulted by protestors.

On 1st June 2022, Congolese in Bukavu town staged protests at Rusizi I and Rusizi II borders requesting the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to close all borders with Rwanda particularly in Rusizi District.

Congolese involved in protests were heard yelling, speaking ill of Rwanda and insisting that they want to fight Rwanda.

The tension between Rwanda and DRC rose since M23 rebel group resumed fight with Congolese Army (FARDC).

DRC has accused Rwanda of supporting M23 and claimed that Rwandan soldiers crossed to the country for the same cause.

During the clashes with M23, FARDC in collaboration with the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR) have shelled Rwanda territory three times since March this year.

The rockets shelled on Rwanda’s land injured people from Musanze and Burera district and destroyed properties.

Following the tension between the two neighboring countries; Angolan President João Lourenço embarked on mediation process. His recent discussions with Congolese President, Tshisekedi saw the country releasing two Rwandan soldiers kidnapped by FDLR and FARDC.

On Monday this week, it was reported that M23 captured Bunagana town and border, seized an armoured vehicle from FARDC. The Spokesperson of M23 announced that Bunagana town is in full control of M23 adding that Congolese soldiers in the area fled to Uganda.

Bunagana is located in 60 kilometers from Goma town located at the border between Rwanda and DRC.

Rwanda has at different times explained that DRC’s allegations are baseless and insisted that the crisis is an internal matter of DRC which has to be solved without dragging it into the issue.

Protestors turned violent and threw stones on Rwandan territory.
Congolese have taken to streets for more protests against Rwanda.