Construction of meat processing plant worth Rwf 700 million begins in Gisagara

On 24 February 2021 at 10:02

Gisagara district has laid a foundation stone to the construction of meat value addition plant known as Gisagara Meat Processing (GMP Ltd) expected to be completed at a cost of Rwf 700 million in one year.

The plant under construction is located in the industrial park located in Muyira cell, Kibilizi sector.

Dr. Kubumwe Celestin, an expert in food processing has explained that the plant will process meat that can be conserved for three months.

“We will process meat that can be preserved for three months without using fridges. We will also produce meat products including sausages, sambusa among others that expire after six months,” he said.

The plant is expected to produce lard, add value for pork, beef and chevon and provide job to 93 people.

Dr. Kubumwe explained that the plant will slaughter at least six cows, 20 pigs and many goats on daily basis.

Gisagara livestock farmers have welcomed the project granting them market access.
“I am very excited for the project because it grants us access to livestock market closer to our residences. Besides, we are optimistic that our livestock will be sold at fair prices,” said Iryumugabe Anastase.

Kankindi Agnes also explained that they used to sell livestock at lower prices due to the absence of market in the area and expressed delight for the plant anticipating huge returns for livestock farming activities.

The mayor of Gisagara district, Rutaburingoga Jérome has revealed that they have expended much effort in value addition as the district’s economy heavily relies on agricultural produce.

“As a district relying on agriculture, we have committed to add value for agriculture produce following the successful implementation of banana beer and juice plant. We have moved forward to invest in meat processing plants,” he said.

The industrial zone in Gisagazra is also home to maize milling plant.

Rutaburingoga explained that the meat processing plant will have large market in Southern Province and appealed on residents to expend efforts in livestock production to meet the plant’s demand and generate profits.

Officials laying a foundation stone at the construction of meat processing plant.