Coronavirus: Govt puts in employ locally made walkthrough disinfection-cum-detectors

By Elina Jonas Ruzindaza
On 19 August 2020 at 01:24

Rwanda Biomedical Center, RBC, in collaboration with SMS Group, has presented walkthrough-detectors that will be used to facilitate full-body disinfection to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

The machine named “Intare”, designed to automatically spray disinfectant on to an individual from head to toe with a sanitizer, will be put in public places.

This disinfection walkthrough-detector has great technology. It includes hand sanitization, temperature measuring, and makes sure that a person is wearing the mask properly and when it detects an anomaly, the individual is not allowed to proceed to the public premises.

It has a high-end camera that captures information of the entrant. When the temperature is above normal (37ºC), it will immediately give a warning, as extreme temperatures are one of the symptoms of Coronavirus.

After the temperature is measured, the walkthrough-detector has a mechanism that will require a person to immediately stretch out his or her hands in front of a machine containing a sanitizer and wash your hands.

After that, a person will enter in another room with his arms up, and the machines will release the sanitizer on his whole body. There is also a place where one can step on so that even the virus under the shoes will not survive.

All information will be collected for each person who enters and will be submitted to the health authorities.

For a person who has been cleansed won’t get that wet in a way that makes him uncomfortable.

The walkthrough-detectors have a 40-liter tank that can be filled with sanitizing liquid. Every forty liters can treat up to 1200 people, according to the SMS Group, which will sell one liter for Rwf5,000.

The Director-General of RBC, Dr. Sabin Nsanzimana said the move will help the country fight the Coronavirus.

He thanked SMS Group for bringing this technology to Rwanda, saying that it is the responsibility of every Rwandan to find solutions for Coronavirus, rather than just for the health sector.

He said the walkthrough-detectors will continue to be analyzed for further improvement.

The Rwandan SMS Group has made the machine at its headquarters in Masoro, capable of making five of them per day.

SMS Group CEO Mike Byusa said the idea for developing this technology came up as a result of their team thinking about setting up one terminal where different Covid-19 preventive measures can be found including hand sanitization, temperature measuring, and more.

“We thought of something that can combine various measures. With this technology, you can have your temperature measured, hands sanitized, key individual information collected, and your whole body disinfected in one place.”

Byusa said they are ready to work with anyone who wants it, "because this machine can be used in public places such as schools, shopping malls, churches, and more."

IGIHE learned that the walkthrough-detector costs Rwf10 million, compare to Rwf25 when sourced from outside the country, exclusive of cost, insurance, and freight.

Byusa said walkthrough-detector is not expensive, compared to what it does and that SMS Group has devised a plan that will help more buyers. For the first 100 people who will buy between one and five walkthrough-detectors, they will earn a 10% discount while those who buy 20 will enjoy a 20% discount.

SMS Group says it plans to build more small machines that wash and, measure temperature, which will cost three million Rwandan francs.

This disinfection walkthrough-detector has great technology with all the equipments that make it work properly
Mike Byusa is the CEO of SMS Group
A person enter in this room with his arms up and that machine release the sanitizer on his whole body
A person only required to stretch out his hands in front of a machine and it release sanitizer