COVID-19: Kigali City market to open after 15 days of closure

By Nicole Kamanzi M.
On 1 September 2020 at 11:10

The City of Kigali has announced that the Kigali City Market, which was closed on August 16, 2020, in an attempt to stop the spreading of the Covid-19, is about to be reopened but that it will be operating in accordance with all Coronavirus prevention guidelines.

A statement from the Kigali City Administration said the market would be opened on Thursday, September 3, 2020. It goes on to say that before its opening, its management is required to develop “an efficient handwashing method, lines that show the imitators where to go and reduce the apparent density and be done by September 02, 2020”.

The market was closed at the same time as that of Nyabugogo known as Mutangana; but the City of Kigali has announced that due to the nature of the latter one it will “continue to close”. Traders and food buyers will continue to operate on at Giticyinyoni and at Nzove.

Although the Kigali City Market is about to open, it will be open to only 50% of the traders.

The markets were closed after the Ministry of Health said the increase in Coronavirus cases in the country was tracked from people in markets in the City of Kigali where it was largely due to the fact that people were reluctant to fight the pandemic.

There are now 4063 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus in Rwanda; these numbers has increased in the last few days, wherein about eight days the country recorded 974 new cases.