Covid-19: Kigali City puts six villages under lockdown

By Nicole Kamanzi M.
On 26 June 2020 at 12:51

The Ministry of Local Government has announced that six villages in Kigali have been put under a 15-day lockdown in a bid to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 to other areas.

A statement from the Ministry says the decision was based on an analysis done by the Ministry of Health on Covid-19 in parts of Kigali City where the pandemic has been detected so far.

The six villages put under lockdown are located in the Nyarugenge and Kicukiro districts including Kamabuye and Zuba villages in Nyarurama cell, Kigarama Sector in Kicukiro District.

Nyenyeri and Rugano villages of Kigarama and Gikondo Sectors respectively are also in the lockdown, together with Kadobogo and Gisenga, located in Kigali Cell of Kigali Sector, Nyarugenge District.

This comes after a number of new cases of the COVID-19 were detected in the city of Kigali.

Since June 21 twenty-one cases have been confirmed in Kigali city alone.
According to the Ministry of Local Government, both private and public office bearers living in the mentioned areas are supposed to work from home during the 15-day lockdown.

Moreover, movements between the six cells and other neighboring areas are prohibited save for those traveling for medical services or other very fundamental causes.

The statement says the Ministry of Health and the City of Kigali will continue to monitor and establish see whether there are some other parts of the city that need to be put under lockdown.

Local leaders and security organs were also urged to follow-up on the implementation of the new directives that came into effect immediately.