COVID-19: Nyarugenge market reopens

By Nicole Kamanzi M.
On 4 September 2020 at 02:24

Business and other activities in Nyarugenge market have resumed few days after the government decided to postpone tits reopening to strengthen measures for the spread of the COVID-19.

On August 16,the City of Kigali announced that it had decided to close Nyarugenge market known as the ’Kigali City Market’ after tracing large numbers of people infected with the coronavirus back to the market.

Fifteen days after the closure, the City of Kigali issued a statement on August 31 stating that the market would reopen in a few days but that all operations would be carried out to prevent the spreading of the pandemic, which has led to the traders to alternate in the market with 50% coming one day and another 50% coming the following day.

“Life was difficult but the fact that the market was closed was for the good of the community, me included. As the number of cases found here kept on increasing, we did not expect them to open today. We are going to step up prevention measures, such as washing your hands every time, to wear our masks properly, and respect the social distance as required,” said Karara Jean d’Amour, a clerk in the market.

“We are happy to be back. Although the market was closed, I did not lose anything because they let us come in to remove the goods that could have been damaged.

We thought they wouldn’t open soon; I thank the leadership for doing everything possible to get us back to work. We are going to step up prevention measures, while also protecting those who come to us,” said Fridaus Mukarusagara, one of the food vendors in the market.

The market was closed at the same time as that of Nyabugogo known as Mutangana; but the City of Kigali has announced that due to the nature of the latter one it will “continue to close”. Traders and food buyers will continue to operate on at Giticyinyoni and at Nzove.

Business and other activities in Nyarugenge market have resumed