COVID-19: Over 100 caught in prohibited gatherings, eight test positive

On 10 May 2021 at 07:27

At least 113 people were on Saturday, May 8, caught in separate operations conducted in Karongi, Musanze and Gicumbi districts, where they were found holding prohibited gatherings.

In Karongi District, eight of the violators tested positive for Covid-19.
They are part of the group of 60 people affiliated to ’Abatampera’ religious denomination, who were found congregating in the house of one Elina Mukamwiza, 80, located in Kabeza Village, Kibirizi Cell of Rubengera Sector.

It was the third time that this group has been caught in related violations, according to the Acting District Police Commander for Karongi, Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Jean Bosco Habihirwe.

The DPC led the operation alongside the vice mayor in charge of Social Affairs, Valentine Mukase.

Mukase reminded the violators of the risks they are exposing to their families and communities, and derailing the government efforts against the pandemic.

"As you know, Karongi is still among the districts with high cases of Covid-19 infections. You disregarded the safety guidelines and exposed your lives to grave danger because of your inappropriate behaviours and practices," Mukase told the violators.

CIP Habihirwe warned against such behaviours and thanked members of the public, who continue to support national efforts in the enforcement and providing information on errant individuals and groups.

"They were overcrowded in a small room praying with no face masks and with children," said CIP Habihirwe.

Those found positive were transferred to Mwendo treatment center while others are quarantined in their respective homes.

Meanwhile, 53 other violators were caught drinking in three separate hospitality establishments in Misanze and Gicumbi districts, which have since been closed.

At about 4:30pm, Police and local authorities caught a group of 13 people drinking at Tourist restaurant located in Nyarubande, Rwebeya Cell in Cyuve Sector, Misanze District. Others escaped during the operation.

Later at about 7pm, Police arrested other 20 people at Caves hotel located in Rwembogo also in Musanze where they were gathered drinking. Also arrested is the manager of Caves hotel, Jeannete Muhawenimana.

In Gicumbi District, 20 people were arrested at Urumuri hotel in Byumba Sector, Nyarutarama Cell where they were holding a wedding reception.

The groom identified as Janvier Kwizera, also arrested, is an employee at Urumuri hotel.

After a religious marriage in Kigali, Kwizera and his bride led guests to Urumuri hotel for the reception, where they were arrested.

The manager and proprietor of the hotel, Jacques Nsekuye was also taken into custody for disregarding the directives.

All the hospitality establishments were also closed. All the violators will also be tested for Covid-19 at their own cost and handed administrative fines accordingly.