COVID-19: Police arrest 39 people in prohibited gathering

On 31 March 2021 at 05:28

Rwanda National Police (RNP), on Tuesday, March 30, paraded to the media 39 people including singer Social Mula real names Lambert Mugwaneza, who flouted the national COVID-19 prevention guidelines.

Among those arrested are also two journalists; Irene Murindahabi and Phil Peter both working for Isibo TV.

All the violators were arrested on Monday, March 29 at about 10:30pm in a house of one Hadijda Uwimana located in Gasange Village, Rugando Cell of Kimihurura Sector in Gasabo District.

RNP spokesperson, Commissioner of Police (CP) John Bosco Kabera said the gathering was organized by Social Mula, who had invited them for a video shooting and to plan for the launch of his new song.

The violations, he added, were reported to the Police by some area residents.

"Police officers were immediately deployed to the house where the group had converged for a prohibited social gathering. They were congested in the and had violated the curfew because it was time when everyone was supposed to be in their respective homes," CP Kabera said.

He added: "Social Mula was recently given movement clearance as an individual, running from March 8 to April 1, to facilitate him in his music activities, but he abused the clearance by inviting such a big gathering and at night.

When you acquire a movement clearance, it does not mean that you are permitted to do whatever pleases you; you must adhere to all COVID-19 prevention guidelines including prohibited gatherings, social distancing, wearing face mask and respecting the curfew."

The violators, he said, came from different places, gathered in one house which was easier for one infected person to infect all others without forgeting how many they would infect in their families and communities where they live or work.

Lambert Mugwaneza, who regretted his actions, explained that although he was given a movement clearance, he abused it by violating the curfew and inviting other people.

To the two journalists, Mulindahabi and Phil Peter, who were behind the camera during the shooting, they asked for linience for the violations.