COVID-19: Police intensifies operations against curfew violators

On 30 December 2020 at 06:15

Rwanda National Police (RNP) has warned of increased operations to enforce the national directives, especially the curfew.

RNP spokesperson, CP John Bosco Kabera said that there are increased movements within prohibited hours, majority passengers traveling to and from upcountry.

“There are increased movements since December 23, of people going or coming from upcountry. Unfortunately, these people seem to have forgotten that there are directives, which must be followed in all aspects, even during this festive period, including prohibited movement hours—8pm to 4am,” CP Kabera said.

He added: “Today, we are seeing passenger service vehicles on roads transporting people within the prohibited movement hours. Let it be clear that 8pm is the time when everyone should be home not the time to be going home. The festive holidays did not change anything as far as the directives are concerned. Transporters and passengers should plan accordingly to ensure that no one is on road by the top of the hour, the same with bus park management.

We will not arrest anyone before 8pm. However, when time clocks, be it the driver or passenger in vehicle, bus stations or in parks, those on foot or motorcycle, bicycle will be stopped on the road, taken to provided centres and penalized accordingly. Bus parks or vehicles are not accommodations for violators.”

He advised transporters to issue tickets calculating the time when their passengers, driver and vehicle will be at the final destination before 8pm. He equally advised passengers to plan and start their journeys early to ensure that they get to their final destinations in time.

“How do you issue a ticket or board a vehicle, for example, heading to Huye from Nyabugogo at 6pm, knowing that you will not arrive in time, putting into consideration that some passengers will also have to commute from drop points to their respective destinations? It comes back to early planning by both transporters and passengers.”

On December 24, due to thick congestion in Nyabugogo bus terminal, concerned institutions devised measures including establishing new boarding and arrival venues to deal with the issue of congestion and to ensure COVID-19 prevention guidelines, such as physical distancing, are adhered to.

CP Kabera explained that this was a “one day advisory” calling upon the general public to plan their schedules accordingly, understanding the length of their journey, and to take trips that allows them to reach to their final destination by 8pm.