COVID-19: Police releases list of motorists, who violated curfew hours and defied instructions

On 6 January 2021 at 11:04

Rwanda National Police (RNP) department of Traffic and Road Safety has released a new list of 209 motorists, who violated the curfew and disregarded instructions by Police officers enforcing the directives.

The violators are required to report to the traffic offices in Muhima not later than January 18.

The list includes 143 vehicles, 66 motorcycles, drivers, riders or owners, who undermined the directives after they were caught in hours when movements are prohibited.

All the violators were registered in City of Kigali between September 25, and December 5, 2020. Movements are prohibited between 8pm and 4am.

RNP spokesperson, Commissioner of Police (CP) John Bosco Kabera warned that operations will commence after January 18, to impound automobiles on the list, whose owners, drivers or riders will not have reported as required.

“Besides moving within prohibited hours, some of them refused to stop at Police check-points while others did not go to centres where they were instructed to go or to park their automobiles. We, therefore, urge everyone on this list, which has been published on the police website, to come forward voluntarily because the next step will be enforcement,” CP Kabera warned.

The provided centres where people are required to go during curfew hours are central grounds used to control movements during prohibited movement hours as well as sensitization centres wide enough for social distancing, where people are educated on the pandemic and safety practices.

CP Kabera warned against “disrespectful behaviours and undermining instructions given by the authority.”

He observed that the directives are meant to ensure the safety of everyone from the pandemic of the COVID-19, and must be respected as well as those charged with enforcing them.

“Speeding away will not save you from being penalized because, in some cases, the violators leave their traffic-related particulars behind or plate numbers are recorded for those who refuse to stop. We also have CCTV cameras on roads, so the advice is; be home by 8pm because undermining instructions by officers enforcing the directives will only make the penalties severe,” CP Kabera warned.