Creative artistry blooms as ‘A Traveler’s Story’ contest kicks off

On 9 December 2020 at 03:18

Throughout this year, mold and caved, we have been away from the essence that used to drive us into ventures of many kinds, and many kinds around our country. The trips to the parks and forests, the hikes in the mountains, and the tours around the countless parts of Rwanda. Well, the countable parts. We missed it, the fun and the joy.For the creatives especially, the tides that held the inspirations got stripped away. But luckily, this changes now.

IGIHE’s StoryKast in partnership with Kigali Marriott Hotel, RwandAir, and other partners, this festive season have prepared a contest none like any other, to bound the adventurous spirits in Rwandans through creative write-ups that require giving an insight into past local travels to earn more traveling opportunities.

Uli Franzmann, General Manager at Kigali Marriott hotel says that the contest represents inspiration, creativity, and what travel means from different perspectives - a message the hotel is proud to be part of.

"This year’s focus in tourism has been to encourage domestic tourism through exploring Rwanda’s touristic destinations. We thought to keep that momentum, even during the festive season, we should inspire a continuous travel culture through encouraging everyone to share their favorite travel destinations or moments experienced right here in Rwanda in ways that spike other people’s sense of wonder this festive season. At Kigali Marriott alone we have so much to offer this festive season including a spectacular beginning of year with fireworks, which we hope everyone can experience with us this New Year’s Eve ," says Franzmann.

“A Traveler’s Story” contest brings together vloggers, bloggers, artists, students, and travel enthusiasts to share their travel experiences in form of videos, digital art pieces, and articles. The contest embarks on a journey of discovering and stimulating creative juices in all local artists, while also luring others to explore Rwanda.

StoryKast’s Creative Director, Olga Ines Ishimwe stresses the importance of creative artistry in empowering each other - which spurred the initiative of a contest that could offer a platformand encourage a travel culture in Rwanda.

"Over the years we’ve encountered so many incredibly talented creative people, all of whom echo the idea that we are stronger together. By providing a platform, we are forming a network, where we can showcase our skills, learn from each other, hiring each other, and broadening each other’s network. It’s about supporting our ’world’ made by people, places, and individual stories," she says.

Among the prizes, comes a stay at the Kigali Marriott Hotel, brunch, and spa experiences. Rides around Kigali city in the 60-seat double decker bus, return ticket to Kamembe by RwandAir with a stay at Emeraude Kivu resort, and more.

Members of the public are nvited to participate and showcase best creative self to the world not later than the 22nd December.

Apply today on or if you need more information contact us on [email protected]

And remember, it’s your perspective of travel that matters. So share it well.

'A Traveler's Story' contest stimulates creative juices in all local artists, while also luring others to explore Rwanda.