Cyclists urged against reckless behaviors

On 22 October 2022 at 08:13

Commercial cyclists are among the victims but also the cause of road carnage.
Statistics from the Rwanda National Police (RNP) department of Traffic and Road Safety indicates that at least 81 bicycle accidents occurred across the country since the beginning of this year, claiming lives of seven cyclists and seriously injuring 76 others.

Over the past week, over 195 bicycles were impounded in Kigali alone after riders were found in various life-threatening practices on roads.

These include riding while drunk, hitch-hiking or holding onto vehicles on steep slope, parking in prohibited and dangerous areas, and transporting more than one passenger.

Other violations include overloading luggage, operating past 6pm, violating one way traffic, transporting unlawful goods such as narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances; those who are not registered in any cooperative and operating illegally as well as pickpocketing and snatching passengers’ valuables.

Now, RNP has this Friday engaged thousands of cyclists across the country in a bid to influence behavioral change to prevent these reckless riding and criminal behaviors.

The cyclists also received their bicycles after educating them on safer road usage.

"We cannot allow you to be a danger to your lives and other road users.

In the night of 19th alone, we lost three cyclists in separate accidents; in Gatsata, Giti kinyoni and Muhima. We cannot allow such to continue," Commissioner of Police (CP) John Bosco Kabera, the RNP spokesperson, told hundreds of cyclists at Muhima, Nyarugenge District.

He warned them against turning their bicycles into a truck to transport heavy items like timber, large sacks and iron bars.

"No one is stopping you from making a living, but you must do it in accordance with the road safety standards, in the manner that makes you safe. Most of you are still young, you have a better life ride safely," CP Kabera advised.

Police, he emphasized, is there to ensure the safety of all people, including cyclists.

"Your country wants you safe. Your families and friends wants you safe. What we are doing here today and elsewhere across the country is for your safety. Ride safe, be safe and operate on safer roads and environment.

By 6pm, you are supposed to be off the road...be good ambassadors of safety.

Today, you are commercial cyclists, tomorrow you will take another step to taxi-moto, but that will only be possible when you are alive and safe."

CP Kabera advised them against unsafe parking and lane changes, reckless turning, using cell phones when riding and hitch-hiking.

He further urged them to always report their colleagues, who also engage in criminal activities like snatching passengers valuables, transporting illegal goods or working with criminals such as thieves and drug dealers.

Cyclists also raised issues related to their colleagues, who operate illegally and engage in criminal as well as road safety violations.

Others include their unjust security personnel, who solicit money from them.

CP Kabera assured them that RNP and other relevant institutions will work together to address their concerns.

Cyclists have been urged against reckless behaviors.