Davis College and Akilah students with outstanding projects receive US$9000 funding

On 16 July 2021 at 06:13

Three students from Davis College and Akilah with outstanding projects have received funding to grow their businesses through the Davis College and Akilah Entrepreneurship Fund, a competition aimed at promoting job creation among students.

Beneficiaries have been selected among eight contestants who have been undergoing a two-year diploma programme in Business Management and Entrepreneurship.

The first, second and third winners walked away with US$4000, US$3000 and US$2000 respectively after pitching their projects to a panel of local and global judges.

These projects range from making houses using containers, make-up business, and making bricks that can be overlaid without cement. Other presented projects include digital payment of transport fares, and helping farmers to market their produce among others.

The Interim President of Davis College and Akilah, Paul Swaga has explained that the college organizes similar competitions every year to encourage students to create their own jobs.

“We want them to think big and seek solutions to problems in their communities while creating jobs for themselves and for other people. As you have seen, all the contestants have projects promising to transform their communities. We want to work with different successful entrepreneurs to coach our students so that they can also become successful entrepreneurs in the future,” he said.

Two of the winners have started implementing their projects which they pledged to expand to benefit more members of the community.

Emelyne Uwanyirigira whose project emerged the overall best, has a cooperative dubbed ‘Tuzamurane’ translated as ‘Let us grow together’ which has been helping farmers to transport their produce to the market at affordable price for the past two years.

Halidi Hafsa with a project to make houses out of containers emerged the second while Shalom Mbabazi owning a make-up business emerged the third. The winners expressed delight and pledged efficient use of received funding to grow their businesses.

Davis College and Akilah partners with the MasterCard Foundation for successful implementation of the institution’s two-year diploma programmes. The latter ensures that students have the technological access needed in the form of internet data bundles to complete their coursework, while also providing partial scholarship support for their tuition during the COVID-19 crisis.

The MasterCard Foundation also supports the transition of the Davis College and Akilah’s Blended Learning and face-to-face curriculum into an online format so that the Competency Based model can be delivered to current and future students under whichever circumstances.

Among others, the MasterCard Foundation supports faculty professional development for the move to online modality during periods of total lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, while ensuring appropriate new systems are in place to support this transition.

Davis College and Akilah’s approach of boosting the employability of young people especially young women through entrepreneurship aligns with the foundation’s mission to enable 30,000 young women and men access dignifying and fulfilling work.

Emelyne Uwanyirigira whose project emerged the overall best.
Halidi Hafsa has a project to make houses out of containers.
Shalom Mbabazi owning a make-up business emerged the third.