Davis College urged to strive for excellence

On 1 December 2021 at 03:34

The Minister of State in charge of ICT and TVET, Claudette Irere has urged the management of Davis College to increase the number of male students benefiting from the quality education offered at the institution which has impacted the lives of many young women over the years.

Irere made the request on Friday 26th November 2021 as she visited the school.

Davis College (formerly known as Akilah) began operations in 2010 educating female students from vulnerable families.

So far, the school has graduated 1082 female students.

Davis College graduates students with diplomas in Hospitality and Tourism Management, Information Systems, and Business Management & Entrepreneurship.

In September 2020, Davis College launched another cohort for both male and female students which operates alongside the women only cohort.

Minister Irere thanked the school for promoting quality education and urged the management to scale up efforts to maintain excellence.

After touring the school and being taken through its unique academic systems, most especially in the areas of faculty support mechanisms and effective engagement with the industry players among others, Irere called on other higher learning institutions to borrow a leaf from what Davis College does.

“The program initiated to train lecturers is very much needed. Many schools only consider students and dedicate no special attention to lecturers. This is a secret to success that other schools should emulate,” she said.

Irere also requested the school’s management to increase the number of male students.

“The fact that you have started welcoming boys and girls is welcome because they raise each other. Building girls’ capacity is a good idea,but it is much better when they are together with their brothers,” she advised.

The President of Davis College, Paul Swaga has told igihe.com that the minister’s visit reflects how the government of Rwanda recognizes their efforts and contribution to the education sector noting that it gives his team motivation to continue advancing quality education.

He explained that the team is excited about enrolling male students to study with their sisters.

“We started enrolling male students last year, and we are engaging the parents of our potential students on the benefits of having their sons attend classes with their sisters from an environment which promotes gender equity.

It is important to note that the female students educated here will be favourably competing with their male counterparts at the labour market after graduation. That is why teaching both female and male students using our unique gender-responsive pedagogy is of great significance,” Swaga said.

The school’s management has revealed that students have been receiving support to continue their studies undisrupted during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The support includes provision of laptops and data stipends which facilitate online learning.

The institution offers the Competence Based Education model which puts emphasis on skills development. It also equips learners with English, leadership, digital literacy and career readiness skills which enable them to become competitive at the job market.

The Minister of State in charge of ICT and TVET, Claudette Irere toured different facilities of the school.
The Minister of State in charge of ICT and TVET, Claudette Irere with the school's management and students.
Students attending class in-person.