Debunking myths: Danczuk on why he supports UK’s Rwanda policy for asylum seekers

By Kayonga J.
On 29 March 2023 at 06:21

In light of the ongoing debate regarding the UK Government’s policy of sending asylum seekers to Rwanda, former Labour MP Simon Danczuk has come forward with his opinion on the matter.

As someone who splits his time between the UK - specifically Rochdale - and Rwanda where he has a fiancée named Claudine, Danczuk asserts that he knows which migrants he would prefer in his own constituency.

According to Danczuk, most of those opposing the UK’s Rwanda policy have little understanding of the country in question. In contrast, he claims that Rwanda is a welcoming nation with a strong infrastructure, including sectors dedicated to energy, agriculture, trade, hospitality and finance.

Besides, the country has the knowledge and expertise required to deal appropriately with the people that would be sent from the UK.

For Danczuk, this is an important consideration. He believes that the asylum seekers sent to Rwanda will have access to greater opportunities than if they were relocated to areas such as Rochdale.

This has been a longstanding policy, and one that has put enormous pressure on resources such as healthcare, education and social housing, whilst simultaneously eroding the character and identity of the local area.

Danczuk argues that the Rwandan policy is a more humane approach to dealing with illegal immigration and people-trafficking, as well as reducing the number of cross-Channel economic migrants.

As a result, it could alleviate the challenges faced by struggling towns across the UK.

Whilst acknowledging that many Labour MPs favour an open borders approach, Danczuk suggests that the Party’s reputation has been tarnished by the fact that some have downplayed the severity of child exploitation by British Pakistani grooming gangs.

He suggests that this may be a contributing factor to why many in Labour oppose the Rwandan strategy.

Ultimately, Danczuk believes that supporting the Rwandan policy would be a smarter move for Labour than continuing to push their “woke” agenda around issues such as immigration, diversity and criminal justice. Whether or not this will be taken on board remains to be seen.

Danczuk asserts that he knows which migrants he would prefer in his own constituency.