Details emerge in fraud and forgery case of RGB Deputy CEO

On 26 mai 2022 at 08:25

It has been almost five days since Dr. Nibishaka Emmanuel, the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) was arrested over alleged fraud and use of forged documents.

Dr. Nibishaka was named the Deputy CEO of RGB in July 2019. He had been serving as the Secretary General of the National Human Rights Commission (NCHR), Republic of Rwanda (2017-2019) prior to the appointment.

IGIHE has learnt that his case involves six people who filed accusations claiming that the man swindled their money promising them to get scholarships and visas to the United States of America (USA).

A source has revealed that he gave Rwf2 million to the suspect who promised him to help his child pursue studies in USA.

It is said that Nibishaka swindled the money under the cover of having lived and worked in USA for quite some time which facilitated him to convince individuals that he has much details about the country’s education system.

The fact that he has relatives living in America also made people believe that he could easily deliver on his promise.

IGIHE has learnt that he didn’t help any of the six individuals who released their money and would dodge them whenever they wanted to follow up.

This left them helpless while they respected the man as a government official ‘at the level of a minister’ who could not deceive them.

None of these individuals went through a normal process to apply for visa to the USA but relied on Nibishaka.

Sources reveal that the parents trusted him because he once served as a teacher in USA.


Since Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) confirmed the arrest of Nibishaka, details about circumstances under which the suspect committed forgery did not emerge.

This left members of the general public whispering through the grapevine that the forgery might be connected to his academic degrees or documents offered to individuals who sought his support. However, it is said to be untrue.

After learning that his case was reported for investigation, it is said that Nibishaka started considering how to escape but his plans were foiled.

IGIHE has learnt that he committed forgery during the process of getting documents to flee the country.

It is said that he wanted to fly to the United States of America to stay with his family.

In 2017, Nibishaka obtained a PhD in security studies at the University of Central Florida School of Politics.

A source has told IGIHE that he witnessed the arrest of Nibishaka. He revealed that the suspect shivered and sweated that he could not stand upright when he saw investigators around.

Nibishaka studied at a university in Pretoria of South Africa and others in the United States including Columbia.

Dr. Nibishaka was arrested recently over alleged fraud and use of forged documents.