Disasters claim 60 lives, destroy over 1200 houses in Rwanda in two months

On 25 April 2023 at 09:53

The Ministry of Emergency Management (MINEMA) has reported that disasters have occasioned the deaths 60 people, destroyed over 1200 houses and other infrastructures in Rwanda over the past two months, with the Northern and Western Provinces being the most affected regions.

According to MINEMA, carelessness is responsible for 55% of disasters, while 20% is attributed to topography. Disasters also ravaged crops on over 2000 hectares.

Disasters in Rwanda are related to the country’s topography, climate change, and human activities as indicated by the Permanent Secretary in MINEMA, Philippe Habinshuti during a talk show aired on RBA.

As he said, these disasters caused significant losses in various aspects of life, particularly in agriculture and infrastructure.

Over the past four months, disasters have left 158 people injured, destroyed 44 schools, and ravaged 12 roads.

According to Fabrice Barisanga, the Director General in Charge of Transport in the Ministry of Infrastructure (MININFRA); roads and bridges were the most affected infrastructures, with rain destroying 91 bridges across the country.

MINEMA urges the general public to adhere to disaster prevention measures, build structures in compliance with designated master plans, and avoid staying in places that put their lives at risk.

Statistics indicate that disasters incur Rwf200 million loss in Rwanda every year. Over the past two months, disasters have destroyed 273 houses and ravaged crops on 790 hectares in the Northern Province, while the Western Province has seen the destruction of 224 houses, with Rusizi District being the most affected.

The province also experienced floods from volcanoes that affected 276 families, with 256 in Rubavu District alone, while 14 people died of different types of disasters.

In the past three years, the Northern Province has experienced disasters 1500 times, causing the loss of 201 lives and destroying over 5000 houses and over 3000 hectares that were swept away by floods.

Disasters have also killed more than 100 cows and around 4000 small livestock.

Disasters claimed 60 lives and destroyed over 1200 houses in Rwanda in two months.