Doğuş Group from Turkey may build a hotel in Karongi

On 6 July 2022 at 11:12

The Governor of Western Province, François Habitegeko has received a delegation comprised of executives from Doğuş Hospitality & Retail Group, a subsidiary of Doğuş Group on a visit to Karongi District to explore areas of investment in the hospitality sector.

Doğuş Group is among the largest private-sector companies in Turkey.

The Chairman and CEO of Doğuş Hospitality & Retail Group, Eryigit Umur is on a visit to Rwanda along with the Head of Chaiman’s Office, Emin Tuzuna and Selin Maner, the company’s Architect.

IGIHE has learnt that Eryigit Umur is visiting Karongi for the second time with plans to set up a state-of-the art hotel in the district.

A subsidiary of Doğuş Group, Doğuş Hospitality & Retail Group operates in the fields of hotels, events management and luxury fashion among others.

It manages over 200 restaurants and nearly 20 hotels in more than 21 countries across the world. The subsidiary also owns some of renowned hospitality icons including D-Hotels & Resorts and Mytha Hotel Anthology.

Recently, Doğuş Group announced plans to open a hospitality school and build capacity of real estate professionals in Rwanda.

Governor Habitegeko has told IGIHE that the executives are in Karongi District to explore investment opportunities, particularly in the hospitality sector.

“They are touring different parts of Karongi District , at the same time exploring potential areas of investment in hospitality sector,” he said.

Habitegeko has disclosed that the district presents huge investment opportunities at the shores of Lake Kivu given that it is a beautiful place attracting people seeking to spend weekends or holidays in a relaxing atmosphere.

Situated in close to 130 kilometers from Kigali City, Karongi is among districts with natural features and other touristic attractions luring visitors to prolong their stay.

Like many other districts, Karongi is characterized by a hilly topography with attractive features as well as cultural and historical vestiges of great significance to the country.

In consideration of these attractions, investors have been taking advantage of this opportunity to set up hospitality establishments for visitors to enjoy a memorable sojourn in the district.

So far, the district has registered over 10 hotels, majority of which being constructed at the shores of Lake Kivu.

IGIHE has learnt that the guests are in Karongi District since Tuesday 5th July 2022.

They have been hosted at Cleo Lake Kivu Hotel, a five-star facility located in Bwishyura sector at the shores of Lake Kivu. It has 10 rooms where the cheapest one is booked at US$200 per night.

In March 2022, President Paul Kagame received Chair and CEO of Doğuş Group, Ferit Şahenk and his delegation that came to Rwanda to explore investment opportunities in various sectors including hospitality and real estate.

Doğuş Group has the workforce of over 35,000 and serves more than five million clients.

Apart from investment in hotels and hospitality, the company also retails different car brands including Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, Bentley, Lamborghini and Bugatti among others.

It is the mother company of prominent media houses owning popular TV stations including NTV, Star and Euro Star.

Its total assets is valued at 39,6 billion Turkish lira (over US$2,7$).

Governor Habitegeko in a photo of souvenir with the Chairman and CEO of Doğuş Hospitality & Retail Group, Eryigit Umur along with accompanying delegation.
The Chairman and CEO of Doğuş Hospitality & Retail Group, Eryigit (right) Umur visiting attractive features of Karongi District.
Karongi District presents huge investment opportunities on the shores of Lake Kivu.