Polish President’s visit to Rwanda sparks optimism for enhanced opportunities, says Dr. Habumugisha

On 12 February 2024 at 01:31

The CEO of Mega Global Link, a company facilitating work, study, and travel opportunities in European countries, has expressed optimism that the visit of Polish President Andrzej Sebastian Duda to Rwanda last week may expedite the establishment of the Polish embassy in Rwanda.

President Andrzej Sebastian Duda embarked on a three-day working visit to Rwanda, spanning from February 6 to February 8, 2024.

During this visit, the two nations inked agreements across various sectors, including trade and economic cooperation, environmental protection, geology, and energy.

These new agreements complement the existing ones in the field of education, which have already begun yielding positive results. Presently, over 1500 Rwandan students are pursuing their studies in Polish universities.

Dr. Francis Habumugisha, CEO of MEGA Global Link, the agency facilitating opportunities for people to work in Europe, expressed optimism about the impact of President Duda’s visit on the endeavor to bring individuals to work in Poland.

He stated, "For us, it is a great blessing as Mega Global Link. We have been operational in Poland for some time, especially in our services of sending people to work there. Among others, we sent students for studies, individuals in need of medical care, and those exploring the country in general."

Dr. Habumugisha emphasized that the President of Poland’s visit instills confidence that the Polish Embassy will soon open in Rwanda, eliminating the need for individuals assisted by the agency to travel to Tanzania for visa interviews.

He highlighted, "We have signed an agreement with a major Polish company, collaborating with various private and public entities to facilitate employment opportunities. Those we have sent there, equipped with work contracts and visas, are provided accommodation, access to medical services, and comprehensive support, excluding their sustenance, with competitive salaries."

The agency aids individuals in securing employment in countries such as Romania, Lithuania, and Hungary, where employees enjoy full rights in their designated work.

Dr. Habumugisha outlined the unique advantage of obtaining a visa for Poland, which extends to other Schengen countries like France, Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland. This flexibility enables individuals to work during designated hours while also pursuing studies or traveling within the Schengen region.

Highlighting the ease of obtaining study documents for European countries, Dr. Habumugisha mentioned that the agency provides support for students, including assistance in reaching the school and necessary visits.

Expanding their services globally, Dr. Habumugisha revealed that the agency now aids individuals in traveling to Central America, offering assistance in obtaining visas, finding accommodation, and securing plane tickets at affordable rates. Similar services are extended to those desiring to travel to Australia.

He remarked, "There are instances they inquire about other countries visited while applying for a US or Canadian visa. Having traveled to Central America makes obtaining visas for the USA, Canada, and elsewhere much easier."

Dr. Habumugisha has described President Duda’s visit as a pivotal moment for Rwandans eager to explore opportunities in Poland.
President Andrzej Sebastian Duda embarked on a three-day working visit to Rwanda, spanning from February 6 to February 8, 2024.