Dr. Habumugisha pledges to fly Rwanda’s flag high as UN Ambassador for Peace

By Zaninka Umutesi
On 5 October 2022 at 02:38

Rwandan businessman and public health scientist, Dr. Habumugisha Francis who was recently appointed as the United Nations (UN) Eminent Peace Ambassador to represent the International Organization for Peace in Rwanda (IAWPA-Rwanda) has pledged to fly his country’s flag high and continue expanding his initiatives promoting healthcare.

The IAWPA is a global leader in the pursuit of world Peace and the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals SDG programme all over the world.

Dr. Habumugisha was recently awarded for his outstanding work to promote peace during a ceremony held on 19th August 2022 in Lagos City, Nigeria.

It was bestowed to him for helping people in Rwanda and beyond access health information and therapy through television and different conferences.

Speaking to IGIHE, Dr. Habumugisha said that it is a great honor to receive this award.

He revealed that it induced pride and encouraged him to keep running his activities within the country and abroad with the aim of changing people’s lives by educating them to prevent diseases and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

"I have been very excited with the award because I have been already promoting such initiatives," Dr. Habumugisha said.

He explained that the duties given to him to establish IAWPA in the country will lead to many projects helping people to uplift livelihoods.

“Restoring peace does not only refer to ending wars but fighting against hunger and poverty. Every country that works with this organization benefits from different projects aligning with the good cause," he noted.

Dr. Habumugisha has been involved in many activities promoting healthcare.

He maintains that the number of smartphone owners are gradually increasing in Africa where health institutions should take advantage of this opportunity to develop digital platforms to help people access information they need.

Dr. Habumugisha says that initiatives like his digital platform dubbed ’Muganga Online’ which helps people access health information would be more meaningful for people to access some services without necessity for regular visits to health centers.

He explained that the appointment is a great opportunity because he will represent Rwanda in different parts of the world and share this experience with others, hence improving the country’s visibility.

“There are people who have not yet learnt about the beauty and resilience of Rwanda. This is an opportune moment to do that," Dr. Habumugisha asserted.

He pledged to continue rising the Rwanda’s flag high given that it has a far-sighted leadership promoting good governance.

Currently, Dr Habumugisha is an entrepreneur and founder of Goodrich Life Care, a company that provides nutritional therapy, reflexology and hydrotherapy.

He founded Goodrich TV which provides health advice and information. It is an addition to ’Muganga Online’ platform which helps people access health information.

Dr. Habumugisha has pledged to fly Rwanda’s flag high as UN Ambassador for Peace.