Dr. Habumugisha’s advice for individuals seeking to visit or study in Europe

By Esther Muhozi
On 30 October 2023 at 12:23

Dr. Francis Habumugisha, the CEO of Goodrich Group, has announced a monthly initiative through collaboration with Mega Global Link and Safe Flight Link. This program is designed to assist over 100 individuals every month in traveling to Europe for various purposes, including tourism, education, business, or medical treatment.

The European travel program encompasses a wide range of activities such as academic pursuits at partner universities, medical consultations, internships, and more.

On a monthly basis, Mega Global Link helps 50 individuals interested in exploring different European destinations. Additionally, they connect 30 students with schools that have contractual agreements with hospitals in Europe, facilitating their medical treatment and academic needs.

Dr. Habumugisha emphasizes that anyone visiting their center can inquire about the number of people departing in the previous month and potentially get included in the following month’s travel list.

He explains, "This program operates in various African countries, offering opportunities to travel to European destinations. Europe, particularly the Schengen countries, allows you to enter with a single visa and visit 27 different nations. We provide comprehensive assistance to make this journey a reality."

"While on your trip, you will discover that certain things you may have considered expensive in other regions, such as Asia, are both beautiful and cost-effective in Europe. You can also acquire valuable insights that may have been lacking in your home country. We guide individuals towards their dreams, identifying feasible journeys and encouraging them to achieve their goals," adds Dr. Habumugisha.

Mega Global Link also offers visa application assistance, and they have established partnerships with airlines to offer discounted tickets to those who have secured a visa. They help clients with hotel accommodations and hospital arrangements for treatment.

Dr. Habumugisha highlights Europe’s advanced medical facilities, stating, "If you’ve been unwell and received treatment in Africa or traveled to Asia, it’s important to know that Europe boasts some of the most advanced medical services. The hospitals we collaborate with are among the world’s best, committed to enhancing your health."

Moreover, Mega Global Link collaborates with educational institutions to connect students with scholarships covering all levels of education, from primary to university. They even extend support to parents accompanying their children.

Regarding travel logistics, Mega Global Link assists individuals in securing plane tickets and provides airport pickup services upon their arrival in their chosen European destination.

Dr. Habumugisha has also hinted at future plans to expand their services to other continents, such as the United States of America and Canada.

Dr. Francis Habumugisha, the CEO of Goodrich Group, has announced a monthly initiative through collaboration with Mega Global Link and Safe Flight Link.