Dr. Sandeep Goyal gives tips on teeth alignment and repair

By Elina Jonas Ruzindaza
On 18 August 2020 at 03:12

Dentist & orthodontist Dr. Sandeep Goyal of the Advanced Dental Centre explains the causes of teeth misalignments and how to get them back in a short time using ‘Orthodontics braces’.

Dr. Goyal is one of the leading dentists in Rwanda who has introduced this method of using Orthodontics braces to hold the teeth back to the line.

In an interview with IGIHE, Dr. Goyal said that these teeth problems can be caused by several different factors including those in the family.

“There are several reasons why teeth may not be aligned, may be from the family but the dental thickness depends on the size of the jawbone. If it is too small, the teeth will not go to the line properly. Another possible cause is when a child removes teeth at an early age due to lack of parental care they tend not to grow properly.”

Dr. Goyal says they say the teeth are not on the line when they come in front, enters inside and or have hyperdontia.

According to this expert, one of the methods used to treat this problem is the use of the " Orthodontics braces’’.

Dr. Goyal says that when they use these devices and the patient has no other problems, it can take less than two years for the teeth to be in line.

"It depends on the patient’s condition and his or her age when there is no other problem it takes a short time and faster, but when the patient does not follow the doctor’s guidelines it can delay but often take a short period," he said.

After the removal of these devices, one is given other treatment but it also lasts for a short time and does not require him to go to the doctor regularly.

This treatment has no age limit.

Aging does not mean losing your teeth

While many think that one of the symbols of aging is losing teeth, this expert argues that aging is not related to losing teeth, that when one takes good care of it one gets old with them.

Dr. Goyal says that to have good teeth, one has to take care of them starting at a young age.

“When a child has the first tooth in the mouth it is a good time to start caring for him or her and brushing his or her teeth until the child can brush it at least twice a day,” he said.

Brushing your teeth alone is not enough Dr. Goyal says one should go to the doctor at least once every six months.

Apart from experts in arranging teeth in the line, the Advanced Dental Centre also has specialists in charge of treating others teeth and mouth problems including bad breath, tooth decay, tooth extraction, brushing, and whitening.

The expert says that people should put down the idea that dental care is expensive but go to the Advanced Dental Centre as they work with various insurance companies, RSSB, MMI, and others and it works all day of the week.

For advice on how to take good care of your teeth and medical care call the experts of the Advanced Dental Centre on 0789313200.

Dr Sandeep Goyal is an expert in getting your teeth back on the line
Brushing your teeth alone is not enough, one should go to the doctor at least once every six months.
Advanced Dental Center works with a variety of insurance companies