Eight people arrested flouting Covid-19 directives

On 5 June 2021 at 07:40

On Thursday, June 3, at about 6pm, Rwanda National Police (RNP) arrested eight people in a Sauna at Golden Palms Spas located in Rukiri I Cell, Remera Sector of Gasabo District.

The hospitality establishment is owned by one Grace Musengimana, who is among those arrested. All the people caught in the Sauna are non-residents, which is contrary to the government directives.

Under the government Covid-19 directives, all swimming pools and spas are closed except for people residing in that hospitality establishment and with negative Covid-19 test results. The violators were shown to the media on Friday, June 4.

Grace Musengimana argued that she was not aware that Spas services are still closed.

“I thought that spas are among the services that were allowed to resume under the recent government directives. For that, I apologize and urge others to adhere to the directives and wait until these services will be given a green light,” Musengimana said.

Shema Jonas, director of Good Governance for Gasabo District, said people should not try to feign ignorance on prohibited services.

“The Covid-19 pandemic still around, despite the reduction in cases. The government allows services and other remain closed for reasons based on risks involved, and directives must be adhered to,” said Shema.

RNP Deputy spokesperson, Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP) Africa Apollo Sendahangarwa, said the violators were arrested due to a tip-off by concerned residents.

“Police got information from area residents at about 2pm, that there are people violating the directives in Golden Palms Spas. We responded to a tip-off and found eight people in the spa including the owner,’’ said CSP Africa.

He appealed the public to consider the risks involved, the current situation of the pandemic and the directives meant to prevent the spread and contain the virus.

While commending members of the public, who continue to report such violations, he observed that such actions can lead the country back into another wave of infections and lockdown.

The violators were taken to Amahoro stadium where they were educated on health measures, tested Covid-19 at their own costs and handed administrative fines.