Embarking on dreams: Rwandans illuminate the path to 2024

On 2 January 2024 at 09:41

As the world joyfully bid farewell to 2023, many voices across the globe echoed gratitude for a peaceful conclusion and the dawn of a hopeful new year—2024. Amidst expressions of thanks, praises resounded in churches and temples, resonating the collective happiness that pervaded the hearts of those who celebrated with family and engaged in activities that brought them joy.

On the morning of January 1, 2024, life in the City of Kigali continued its rhythmic pulse, with individuals resuming their daily pursuits. IGIHE embarked on a journey through diverse corners of Kigali, engaging with residents who, while expressing contentment about the new year, revealed their aspirations and goals for 2024.

Godiose Mukanizeyimana, a business owner in Kimisagara Market, shared his commitment to kickstart the year with work, driven by the belief that a diligent beginning sets the tone for success. Despite acknowledging the challenges of the past year, he remains optimistic, hoping for a positive turn of events in 2024.

In a similar vein, Paul, a motorcyclist, acknowledged the initial scarcity of customers on the first day but expressed a determination to break free from the shackles of rent by the year’s end.

Undeterred by the slow start, he envisioned a year of hard work and divine assistance to achieve his aspirations.

Adeline Musabwasoni, aiming to expand her economic horizons, declared a commitment to hard work and a hopeful outlook for 2024. Reflecting on the challenges of the previous year, she remains resilient, envisioning a future marked by diligence and tangible achievements.

Jean Imanakiza aspires to transform his life by relinquishing alcohol, recognizing its hindrance to personal progress. Focused on health, financial stability, and self-improvement, he intends to redirect the funds previously spent on alcohol towards constructive endeavors, such as home improvements.

The common thread woven through these diverse aspirations is the belief that the first day of the year serves as an auspicious moment to set goals in motion.

As Rwandans step into 2024, their dreams light the way forward, creating a tapestry of hope, resilience, and determination. The journey has begun, and the year ahead holds promises of growth, transformation, and the fulfillment of cherished aspirations.