Emmanuel Macron appoints Gabriel Attal, France’s youngest-ever and first openly gay Prime Minister

On 10 January 2024 at 07:24

French President Emmanuel Macron has ushered in a new era by appointing Gabriel Attal, a 34-year-old rising star, as France’s youngest-ever prime minister. The announcement came on Tuesday, marking a significant shift in leadership as Attal takes the reins from Elisabeth Borne, who resigned amid political turbulence surrounding a controversial immigration law.

According to euronews, Attal’s appointment aligns with Macron’s strategy for a renewed focus during the remainder of his term, grappling with increasing pressure from the far-right.

Gabriel Attal, previously government spokesman and education minister, ascends to the position of prime minister with a notable background. Macron’s decision to replace Borne was prompted by the recent political turmoil, particularly criticism over the immigration law, which some believed reflected a concession to far-right ideologies.

In Macron’s tweet confirming Attal’s nomination, he expressed confidence in Attal’s energy and commitment to implementing the rearmament and regeneration project outlined for the nation.

Macron emphasized the spirit of surpassing and audacity, rooted in the ideals of 2017, in service to the French nation.

Attal, born on March 16, 1989, in Clamart, near Paris, brings a diverse set of experiences to his new role. Having studied at Sciences Po in Paris from 2007 to 2013, Attal has held various positions, transitioning from the Socialist Party to Macron’s Renaissance party in 2016. His journey includes roles as government spokesman, public accounts minister, budget minister, and most recently, education minister.

Facing the challenge of school-related issues, Attal implemented a ban on long robes in classrooms, citing concerns about secularism. Additionally, he initiated a plan to experiment with uniforms in public schools, aiming to shift the focus away from clothing and reduce school bullying.

As Macron prepares to name the complete government in the coming days, political observers suggest that this move is strategic, anticipating the European Union elections in June. Macron, a strong advocate for European integration, aims to position his new government to address the increasing influence of far-right, anti-EU populists.

With Attal at the helm, the youngest prime minister in the history of the Fifth Republic, France enters a new chapter under Macron’s leadership.

Gabriel Attal, previously government spokesman and education minister, ascends to the position of France's prime minister with a notable background.