Enabel invested Rwf18 billion to promote access to quality health services among women, children and youth

On 14 February 2023 at 10:58

Since 2019, Belgian Development Agency, Enabel, has invested up to 18 million Euros in various activities to enhance access to quality health services among children, women and young people.

The funding was provided through a project called ’Barame’, implemented in seven districts including; Nyarugenge, Gakenke, Gisagara, Karongi, Nyamasheke, Rulindo, and Rusizi.

Some of activities carried out in these areas of intervention include the expansion of health centers going hand in hand with the upgrading of their respective capacities, building maternity wards, expanding Isange One-Stop Centers, and other youth centers where they learn more about reproductive health.

Part of the funding was allocated to districts, Rwanda Biomedical Centre (RBC) and other partners where 90% has been already utilized.

On Thursday 9th February 2023, Enabel in collaboration with Nyarugenge District, inspected various activities carried out under this project to witness their impact.

One of the projects carried out by Enabel is the construction of Nyarugenge Hospital, which was completed at a tune of more than Rwf10 billion.

Barame project falls under the 2019 - 2024 action plan, which started successfully in July 2020. Nyarugenge District was given 1 million euros invested in various health projects.

One of the projects was the construction of a maternity ward at Rugarama Health Center in Nyamirambo Sector. They used to have a small space that could accommodate two mothers only, but can currently accommodate more than ten at a time.

The Nyarurenzi Health Center built in 2012 was also renovated and offers all the supplementary services a patient can get at a hospital, such as dental and eye care.

Currently, medical personnel at the facility are reinforced by a doctor from Nyarugenge Hospital who joins them twice a week.

This health center can attend to over 16,000 patients. In the last five years, no woman has died giving birth again at the facility. Malaria patients have also decreased from 15,000 in 2017 to 282 in 2022.

In addition, the Isange One Stop Center located inside premises of Muhima Hospital was renovated and got new equipment to assist victims.

The upgrading saw the number of supported victims increasing from 180 in 2018 to 580 currently.

Gender Based Violence (GBV) victims receive numerous services including psychosocial, medical and legal support among others.

Among others, a maternity ward was constructed at Karama Health Center as part of the Barame project and cut the number of women giving birth at home from six to zero.

More serviced were introduced at Club Rafiki and Maison des Jeunes in Kimisagara so that young people could be brought together and taught on reproductive health, preventing unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and help them develop their talents as well.

Dirk Deprez, the Resident Representative of the Belgian Development Agency in Rwanda, said that they are delighted with the work Nyarugenge has achieved and assured continued cooperation to uplift people’s livelihoods.

He also commended the Ministry of Health and RBC for their efforts to ensure successful implementation of related projects.

Nyarugenge residents thankful!

Nyarugenge District Executive Administrator, Emmy Ngabonziza, commended Enabel for collaborating with them, saying some of the health problems they used to experience were reduced.

“We are very grateful to Enabel for this partnership but these services are still needed. We can’t say that we are where we want to be. We wish this partnership would be extended to other areas of collaboration because we still have gaps especially in youth campaigns against AIDS and reproductive health," he noted.

Direct beneficiaries of these services thank Enabel for making their lives more comfortable.

Marie Rose Mukankunda gave birth at Rugarama Health Center before the construction of the modern maternity ward. She said it was difficult but now they are content.

"It was a struggle and there was a long queue here which frustrated us. Besides, caretakers or visitors did not have enough where they can stand. God loves mothers! They have built a decent facility for us for us that I will give birth to my second child in a safe place," he said.

Diane Ingabire, one of young people in Nyamirambo, said that learning about reproductive health helped her and friends to know how to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

Modern equipment were provided to health facilities through this project.
Nyarugenge Hospital was also constructed on the funding of Enabel.
Marie Rose Mukankunda expressed delight for new maternity ward built at Rugarama Health Center expected to improve health services.
The youth also benefit from talent development programs.
Dirk Deprez, the Resident Representative of the Belgian Development Agency in Rwanda assured continued cooperation to uplift people’s livelihoods.
Nyarugenge District Executive Administrator, Emmy Ngabonziza, commended Enabel for provided support.
Young people are used to gathering at Club Rafiki to be educated on reproducative health.
Karama is among places where decent maternity wards were constructed.