Explore ‘The Little Hill Boutique Hotel’, a new icon in Rwanda’s hospitality sector

On 12 January 2022 at 01:25

Having started operations in December 2021, ‘The Little Hill Boutique Hotel’ is one of the new hospitality establishments in Kigali City giving a boost to the tourism sector.

After a few days of operations, the hotel’s magnificence, interior décor, offered services coupled with warm hospitality fascinate customers to extend their sojourn.

Riding to the hotel from Kigali International Airport takes approximately 15 minutes.

Located in Urugarama village, Gacuriro cell in Kinyinya sector of Gasabo district on Street 428, the hotel has seven rooms with ample spaces and interior designs giving a glimpse of what a relaxing setting should look like.

Six of the facility’s rooms have one bed each while the seventh called ‘Umusambi’ is equipped with a Twin Bed.

These rooms are also installed with Air Conditioners, Flat Televisions, and free internet, among others. Each room has a private sitting room and balcony.

The hotel has experienced chefs with prowess in culinary arts to prepare menu courses of customers’ choices giving another reason to stick to its services.

Besides, the hotel has a coffee shop and bar that offers a unique and comfortable setting for guests to quench their thirst.

François Rutayisire, the owner of the Hotel who lives in France has said that establishing the facility was inspired by the advice from President Paul Kagame to members of the diaspora reminding them of their responsibility to join other Rwandans to build the nation in respective capacities.

“Despite the fact that I was warmly welcomed and treated gently in foreign countries, I did not forget my country that my reflections were mainly about my contribution to the development of my motherland. I am proud to have achieved this milestone,” he said.

The hotel seeks, among other things, to introduce guests to Rwanda’s attractive beauty and touristic attractions. For instance, the hotel’s rooms carry the names of wild animals present in Rwanda’s forests with related drawings.

These include Inzovu room, Turaco room, Ingagi room, Imparage room, Twiga room, Impara room, and Umusambi room.

It is also adorned with other eye-catching paintings portraying the beauty of the Country of Thousand Hills including the topographical structure, plains, water bodies, and traditional culture among others.

Serge Rugwiro, the hotel’s Operations Manager has said that the underlying motive was to develop a unique approach of welcoming guests at the same time giving them an impression of what Rwanda’s touristic attractions offer.

“A foreigner might come to Rwanda for businesses without noticing that the country has parks with animal species attracting tourists. This was meant to market the visibility of the country and introduce wild species present in Rwanda through this approach,” he disclosed.

Customers booking rooms at the hotel are picked from the airport and enjoy a free breakfast.