Explore the splendor of Kigali City as year-end festivities unfold

By Esther Muhozi
On 22 December 2023 at 10:55

Christmas and New Year festivities bring about an atmosphere of joy that is hard to ignore. In the City of Kigali, these occasions are particularly special as individuals and large companies alike engage in the tradition of adorning their buildings with eye-catching decorations, transforming the city into a visual delight.

As the end of year comes to a close, the cityscape undergoes a transformation with vibrant decorations in various colors and designs. This tradition, now deeply embedded in Kigali’s neighborhoods, signifies the collective celebration of the year’s end and the anticipation of a new, promising year. The streets are adorned with an array of lights, depicting scenes from the birth of Jesus, Christmas trees, and a variety of other festive decorations.

For those who observe the religious aspect of Christmas, the decorations hold a deeper meaning. The lights symbolize the belief that the birth of Jesus brought light to the world, representing hope and kindness. It is a celebration of moving from darkness to light, and the entire city joins in this jubilation through the illumination of its streets and buildings.

The City of Kigali takes the lead in enhancing the festive atmosphere by beautifying key areas. Numerous companies, including banks, insurance firms, businesses, and universities, actively contribute to this tradition, making it a collaborative effort to bring joy to the community.

A recent tour by IGIHE revealed the extent of these preparations in various parts of Kigali. As the days tick down to the Christmas and New Year celebrations, the entire city is aglow with a captivating mix of lights and decorations. The result is a picturesque scene that captivates onlookers and adds to the overall festive ambiance.

In the evenings, Kigali comes alive with a flurry of activity as families, couples, and enthusiasts traverse the beautifully adorned streets. The joy of capturing the enchanting decorations in photos and videos has become a cherished part of the holiday experience. Walking through the city at night, one can witness a lively procession of people, all immersed in the delight of these festive displays.