Exploring potential opportunities for Rwandans through Rwanda’s relations with Jordan

By Esther Muhozi
On 8 January 2024 at 04:17

Rwanda and the Kingdom of Jordan have entered into a cooperation agreement encompassing agriculture, economy, trade, health, and medical science. This partnership presents numerous investment opportunities for Rwandans, such as advancements in Jordan’s Industrial Sector, the stability of its currency, mutual investment prospects, progress in irrigation, and alignment of services and cultural values.

According to Teddy Kaberuka, an economic expert interviewed by Rwanda Television, the agreement’s provision for the elimination of double taxation serves as a significant incentive for attracting investments. He explained that this prevents the taxation of profits both in the host country and upon repatriation to Rwanda, fostering a more favorable environment for cross-border business activities.

Kaberuka highlighted Jordan’s advanced industrial level, particularly in medicine, where the country boasts a well-developed pharmaceutical sector. The expert emphasized that Rwanda can gain valuable insights from Jordan’s experiences, especially in the efficient production and distribution of pharmaceuticals.

The collaboration extends to agriculture, with Kaberuka noting that Jordan’s expertise in irrigation stands out. The agreement, while comprehensive, allows for adjustments based on the evolving needs and services provided by both nations, ensuring a flexible and responsive framework.

Furthermore, the thriving tourism sector in Jordan provides another avenue for knowledge exchange. Mukarubega Zulfat, the Chancellor of the University of Tourism in Rwanda, emphasized the value of the Jordanian currency and the economic potential that Rwanda sees in it. Zulfat reported positive outcomes from interactions with individuals in Jordan’s tourism and hotel industry, some of whom expressed interest in investing in Rwanda.

Dr. Gasana Sebastien, a university lecturer, highlighted the international recognition Rwanda continues to receive. He urged Rwandans to leverage this opportunity to enhance their global presence.

The agreement was signed during King Abdullah II’s three-day visit to Rwanda, which commenced on January 7, 2024, reinforcing diplomatic ties. As part of the expanding collaboration, Rwanda is also set to open its embassy in Jordan’s capital, Amman, following discussions between Rwanda’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Vincent Biruta, and King Abdullah II in August 2023.

This photo captures the vibrant capital of Jordan, Amman.