Fast, convenient and smooth home deliveries for everyone, now with both private and public locations

On 23 avril 2020 at 04:19

Covid-19 has generated a surge in home delivery and highlighted that getting groceries, health products and other essential goods to your doorstep can be tricky. Many online businesses experience difficulties finding their way to their customers, causing frustration, delays, and missed deliveries. Addressya is a modern convenience, a digital addressing system, that allows individuals and businesses to connect and share high quality address information in an efficient, accurate and safe way.

Address app is free and available on Google Play and allows everyone to register a complete, precise, and easy to use address. The address is a combination of GPS, available official address data and user generated information. The address can be shared with e-commerce, delivery companies and their drivers for fast and smooth delivery.
In response to the pandemic, Addressya has fast tracked development of public locations (letting businesses and organisations be globally visible and searchable in the app) and recently released this new feature and offer it as part of Addressing as a Service.

Find your Way ! www.addressya.com

Addressya launched in September 2019 and Rwanda is the first country of operation. 100 000 Rwandans have registered in the app, and Addressya is working closely with individuals and partners to expand the access to goods and services and supporting users to create good quality addresses.

Sadiki Businge, Country Manager of Addressya in Rwanda explains : “Paying attention at the registration process pays off. The more effort you put in creating the address ; ensuring to add good descriptions, pictures and other details, the better it will work ! You never have to do it again, but you may of course want to continue to update and improve your address with the help of feedback from those who can help, for example delivery drivers.”

With their knowledge of the area, and their understanding of how to best communicate around places in the area, delivery drivers play an important role in improving the efficiency in addressing and as a result also deliveries. Efficient delivery means that more people can be served and that they receive their orders on time.

E-commerce and home delivery is expanding fast and Addressya helps bring ease and order to the planning and delivery. This is welcomed by the growing businesses of Rwanda that are emphasising retention and improving the customer satisfaction in their services.

“The delivery drivers are true heroes for bringing groceries and essential products to people’s doorsteps at a time when most of us are unable to leave the house. They can also support individuals to improve their addresses further to ensure that each delivery is smooth. This is not only good for the drivers and delivery businesses, but for the community and society as a whole” says Karoline Beronius, CEO of Addressya.

With Addressya you only need to create the address once, and then you may share it as many times as you like. You always decide who to share it with, when and for how long. The access to the address is controlled with a smart toggle switch and it is easy to keep track of who can view it.

“We believe having an address is a civil right and essential to get access to public and private goods and services. We will never charge for that !” says Sadiki Businge.
Having, using, and sharing an address is free of charge for individuals. Businesses that are dependent on good quality addresses to deliver their goods can use the business solution Addressing as a Service to further improve planning and efficiency into deliveries.