Ferwacy Secretary-General arrested, Abdallah Murenzi under investigation

On 22 August 2023 at 12:14

Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) has confirmed the arrest of Benoît Munyankindi , the Secretary General of Rwanda Cycling Federation (FERWACY), on charges of making decisions based on favouritism, friendship acquaintances or nepotism.

Munyankindi is detained at RIB Station in Kimihurura.

This incident follows closely on the heels of an ongoing investigation into the activities of FERWACY’s President, Abdallah Murenzi, who also faces substantial scrutiny for his suspected involvement in the matter.

The RIB’s investigation indicates that Munyankindi’s arrest on the 21st August 2023, is linked to suspicions of his decision-making being motivated by personal gains.

While President Murenzi is not currently detained, RIB is actively monitoring his activities, assessing his potential complicity as an accomplice in conjunction with their ongoing inquiry.

Rwanda maintains stringent anti-corruption legislation, and should the charges be substantiated, Munyankindi could potentially face a prison term of up to seven years along with a fine ranging from Rwf1 to 2 million.

Further complicating matters is the revelation of a Visa-related scandal. It is alleged that Munyankindi used his position to secure a Visa for his wife to accompany the national delegation to a cycling tournament in Glasgow, even though she held no official role within the delegation. This incident appears to underscore the concept of clientelism.

Even young national cyclists, en route to the World Championships in Scotland, faced difficulties, which only heightened suspicions regarding FERWACY’s operations.

A delegation list seen by IGIHE shows Providence Uwineza, Munyankindi’s wife, prominently placed as the third applicant for the group Visa, despite her absence of responsibilities within the official delegation.

Speaking to IGIHE recently on 8th August, Munyankindi explained that his wife intended to attend the event as a spectator.

The situation took an even more controversial turn with indications that Uwineza encountered obstacles preventing her departure from Rwanda due to irregularities in her travel arrangements.

Munyankindi has also been serving at the helm of Benediction Excel Energy cycling team.

RIB has confirmed the arrest of Munyankindi.
While Ferwacy President, Murenzi is not currently detained, RIB is actively monitoring his activities, assessing his potential complicity.