FERWAFA gets new President

On 25 June 2023 at 07:44

In a remarkable display of solidarity, members of the Rwanda Football Federation (FERWAFA) have unanimously chosen Alphonse Munyantwali as their leader for the next two years. Munyantwali secured victory in the extraordinary general assembly held on Saturday, June 23, at Kigali’s Lemigo Hotel, emerging as the sole candidate for the top position and earning an impressive mandate from the FA’s voting members.

Collecting a remarkable 50 out of 56 votes, Munyantwali’s election marks a turning point in Rwandan football. This achievement follows his recent appointment as the chairman of Police FC, a role that has undoubtedly contributed to his rising prominence within the sport. Taking over from the outgoing Olivier Mugabo Nizeyimana, who resigned in April citing personal reasons, Munyantwali now assumes the vital responsibility of leading FERWAFA.

The FA’s election proceedings also saw the re-election of Marcel Matiku Habyarimana as the first vice president in charge of Administration and Finance, demonstrating continued confidence in his abilities. Additionally, Richard Mugisha was elected as the second vice president responsible for Technical Development. Both individuals ran unopposed for their respective positions, highlighting the consensus and stability within FERWAFA’s leadership.

Alphonse Munyantwali is no stranger to the world of football, having made significant contributions in various capacities. In 2015, as the Mayor of Nyamagabe District, he played a pivotal role in Amagaju FC’s promotion to the topflight league. Throughout his tenure, the district consistently supported the club, fostering an environment conducive to their success.

With Munyantwali at the helm of FERWAFA, Rwandan football enthusiasts eagerly anticipate a new era marked by progress and development. As the newly elected president, he possesses a unique opportunity to shape the future of the sport in the country, working towards fostering a vibrant football culture and nurturing the talent within Rwanda.

As Munyantwali assumes his position, Rwandan football can look forward to an era characterized by strong leadership, strategic vision, and collaborative efforts. Under his guidance, FERWAFA aims to create an inclusive and thriving football ecosystem that not only produces competitive teams but also provides a platform for the nation’s youth to showcase their skills and pursue their dreams.

The election of Alphonse Munyantwali heralds a promising chapter in Rwandan football, one that holds the potential to elevate the sport to new heights. With dedicated leadership, the support of FERWAFA members, and the collective passion of the nation, the stage is set for Rwandan football to flourish and make its mark on the global stage.