Fiona Ntarindwa accuses Dr. Kayumba of sexual assault

On 27 March 2021 at 08:07

CNBC journalist, Fiona Ntarindwa Muthoni, has openly accused Dr. Kayumba Christopher, former lecturer at the School of Journalism and Communication, University of Rwanda of sexually assaulting her. The lady was among Miss Rwanda contestants in 2015 and the first run up of Miss Africa in 2017.

News about the alleged sexual assault went viral on social media on 17th March 2021 when a Twitter user identified as Kamaraba Salva narrated a story of attempted sexual assault on behalf of her friend whose names were not mentioned.

Few days later, Fiona Muthoni Ntarindwa has via Twitter handle posted that his university lecturer assaulted her sexually.

Recently, Kamarana wrote that the sexual assault took place some years back in 2017 which triggered mixed reactions among the public wondering how the assault is being reported in 2021 after keeping quiet for four years.

“In her post, Ntarindwa explained that there is no right time for sexually abused person. My professor sexually assaulted me! When Kamaraba Salva revealed that Dr. Christopher Kayumba had sexually assaulted me in Jan 2017, some asked why I had come out now. But is there ever a right time for a victim of sexual assault to speak out? I immediately reported the assault to the University of Rwanda which never gave it any attention,” she said.

“I was forced to sit through class with my abuser- something no one should ever have to go through. Kamaraba has given me the courage to speak up for myself. I know it’s hard to speak up against sexual abuse. You feel like you are alone &no one will listen or believe you. When you are ready to share, you will have my listening ear. Direct Messages [DMs] are open,” added Ntarindwa.

In a reply message, the accused Dr. Kayumba said Fiona is a liar who wants to tarnish his reputation.

“So it’s you Fiona they used to make wild accusations against me? No, I never abused you. For years, you insisted every time I left class for me to put you on my research teams or make you join our media. I refused because I had heard you were using your body to get favours,” he said.

“Dear Rwanda Investigation Bureau [RIB], this Fiona is a serial liar who, despite claiming attempted rape in 2017, she continued to invite me to her TV shows in 2018 &2019 & even wanted to meet privately& to latter I refused. She even insisted on meeting our editor who refused because he had heard her tricks,” added Kayumba.

On 23rd March 2021, RIB said that it summoned Dr. Kayumba for interrogation on the sexual assault case filed early March.

The former Ag. Dean of the School of Journalism & Communication, Mr. Njuguna Joseph recently confirmed to IGIHE that the case was reported to him.

“It is true. She came to my office telling me that there is a lecturer who attempted to assault her. I promised her to speak to that person (Kayumba Christophe) but he used to spend long time without coming at school,” he said.