Five more wetlands to be rehabilitated in Kigali

On 26 July 2022 at 04:00

In a bid to continue promoting Rwanda’s conservation efforts, five out of 36 wetlands in Kigali City are set to be rehabilitated after the inauguration of Nyandungu Eco-Park.

Nyandungu Eco-Park was open to public on 8th July 2022. The opening of Nyandungu Eco-Park represents the single largest addition to public green space in Kigali in the city’s history.

The Rwf 4.5 billion project has restored critical habitats, including a native fig forest and the wetland itself, and rehabilitated streams and ponds to alleviate floods and reed-beds to reduce pollution.

Stretched on 121.7 hectares in size, including 70 hectares of wetland and 50 hectares of forest ; the wetland also features a medicinal garden, a Pope’s Garden, five catchment ponds, three recreation ponds, a 10km network of walking and cycling paths, viewing areas, picnic areas, an information centre, and a restaurant among other facilities.

It is home to more than 62 local plant species and over 100 bird species.

The park provides a space for residents and visitors to the city to explore and learn from nature, and is part of Rwanda’s efforts to harness eco-tourism to restore biodiversity and conserve urban wetland ecosystems.

The other five wetlands to be rehabilitated are located in Rwampara, Nyabugogo, Kibumba,Rugenge and another one located in Gikondo.

The efforts are part of Kigali Wetland Master Plan aimed at rehabilitating wetlands in Kigali.

The Minister of Environment, Dr. Jeanne d’Arc Mujawamariya has told RBA that the restoration aligns with efforts to protect wetland’s biodiversity.

“Now that Nyandungu has been completed, emphasis will be drawn on rehabilitating Gikondo because we have experience that it is possible to restore our wetlands and ensure coexistence with species in the habitats,” she said.

“Nyandungu showed us that it is possible that a wetland is not a dumpsite. We will rehabilitate Gikondo, Rwampara, Utexrwa and wetlands in other areas which will lead us to Kigali we want and improved wellbeing of Kigali City dwellers,” added Dr. Mujawamariya.

The timeframe for the implementation of these projects has not yet been revealed.

Nyandungu Eco-Park was open to public on 8th July 2022.