Forensic experts to meet in Kigali

On 3 February 2023 at 07:26

Rwanda Forensic Laboratory (RFL) in collaboration with the African Society of Forensic Medicine (ASFS) has organized the 10th edition of African Society of Forensic Medicine International Conference (ASFM23) aimed at strengthening the forensic capacity of practitioners and institutions that will leverage evidence-based modalities in forensic-related issues on the continent and beyond.

The conference due to take place from 7th to 10th March 2023, will bring together forensic science practitioners from 40 countries.

During the conference, experts, institutions and countries will receive awards for their contribution to promote the forensic sector with a view to encourage others to follow the suit.

The Director General of RFL, Dr. Charles Karangwa has told IGIHE that Rwanda was selected as a host of the 10th conference due to security and adequate infrastructures.

Other aspects considered include the country’s efforts to fight corruption and experience in organizing international conferences.

They are additional to the fact that the country has a competent institution offering forensic services in a short time span.

This time around, the meeting will bring together over 400 participants from across the world.

Dr. Karangwa affirms that Rwanda will benefit a lot from the conference including enhanced visibility as a country that has taken forensic services to greater heights.
He disclosed that the country will also generate revenues as guests will visit touristic attractions and consume other services.

“They will need transport services and accommodation at hotels. The conference will also enhance Rwanda’s visibility as a country committed to become a hub for forensic services at continental and global levels,” he said.

The conference will attract forensic experts and specialists from the United States, Asia, Europe, Oceania and Africa. It will also feature exhibitions on best practices from participating countries.

Rwanda’s forensic laboratory which initially operated under the auspice of Rwanda National Police (RNP) has been strengthened gradually since it was established in 2005.

To maintain professionalism, the laboratory entered agreements with Key Forensic Services from the United Kingdom (UK) to build the laboratory and furnish necessary equipment.

After enacting the law establishing RFL in 2016, the institution started offering convenient services to the judiciary, members of the private sector and citizens in 2018.

It became an autonomous body in the same year and is currently run under the aegis of the Ministry of Justice.

The RFL has modern equipment as well as experts and specialists capacitating it to conduct forensic investigations used to boost justice delivery.

RFL provides services including forensic toxicology, drug and chemistry, and documents examination and fingerprint analysis, DNA forensics, ballistics, forensic pathology and digital forensics.

As at November last year, RFL was offered services to more than 20 African countries.

Forensic experts are set to meet in Kigali in March 2023.