Former ADEPR spokesperson acquitted of forgery charges

On 4 January 2021 at 11:01

Rev Karangwa John, former ADEPR deputy spokesperson has been acquitted of using forged documents and advised Christians to blacksoiling others for the sake of leadership positions.

Rev. Karangwa was arrested in October 2019 on allegations of using forged documents as he submitted application for the position of deputy ADEPR spokesperson in 2017 which required qualifications of a Bachelors degree.

Rev. Karangwa submitted presented two degree certificates from Philippines and Uganda. He was later suspected to have forged the said documents and arrested.

Rev Karangwa denied the charges claiming that he studied in Philippines and provided evidence that included names and picture of classmates obtained from Google.

Prosecution requested court to reject the evidence explaining that they were not certified by a competent organization.

During the hearing of 10th June 2020, prosecution requested the court to sentence Rev Karangwa for seven years and a fine of Rwf 5.

On 30th June 2020, Nyarugenge Intermediary Court acquitted Rev Karangwa. The court ruled that there were no enough evidence pinning Rev Karangwa for forgery.

The deputy spokesperson who had spent eight months in Nyarugenge prison in Mageragere was released and resumed work in ADEPR but the prosecution immediately appealed for the decision.

Following the appeal, Nyamirambo High Court, recently on 31st December 2020 also ruled that Rev Karangwa is innocent.

The ruling was read in absentia of the accused who was represented by relatives.
Speaking to IGIHE, Rev Karangwa thanked Rwanda’s judicial system for making unbiased decisions.

“We voice appreciation to national judicial system for having done what it could to come up with impartial judgement,” he said.

Rev Karangwa explained that there were people behind his arrest intended to tarnish his image.

Rev Karangwa advised Rwandans and ADEPR Christians to love each other and shun hatred.

“People should not tarnish others’ reputation or seek to get them killed for the sake of leadership positions. I would like to tell ADEPR Christians that justice has prevailed,” he said.

Rev Karangwa and the executive committee (to which he belonged) led by the spokesperson Rev. Karuranga Euphrem were recently retired from active service during recent reforms by Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) to put an end to mismanagement that has characterized ADEPR.

Rev Karangwa explained that there were people behind his arrest intended to tarnish his image.