Founder of Clear Trust Consulting, Nzamutuma mulls establishing African Bank in Europe

By Karirima Aimable Ngarambe
On 9 October 2023 at 09:31

Janvier Nzamutuma, the Founder of Clear Trust Consulting (CTC), a prominent consulting firm dedicated to enhancing the skills of finance professionals in Europe, has unveiled an ambitious plan to establish the inaugural African bank in Europe. This groundbreaking initiative seeks to showcase the immense potential of Africans in the financial sector.

Nzamutuma made this momentous announcement during a recent event that aimed to highlight the accomplishments of Rwandans.

Coincidentally, the event coincided with a finance-focused conference organized by CTC. The consulting firm has forged a formidable partnership with the European Business University of Luxembourg, collaborating on diverse initiatives and offering comprehensive training programs encompassing business, economics, and finance to the African diaspora residing in Europe.

This training equips individuals with a profound understanding of banking operations, enabling them to combat issues like money laundering and terrorism financing. At the event, CTC welcomed the esteemed Professor Alain Ruttiens, a renowned economic expert from France, to shed light on the latest developments in the realms of finance and banking.

Regarding the invitation to Prof. Ruttiens, Nzamutuma revealed, "We invited Prof. Alain Ruttiens as part of our preparations to establish the first African Bank in Luxembourg, which will extend its presence to Rwanda and Belgium. We are actively seeking endorsements for this endeavor." He emphasized the importance of demonstrating the significant impact Africans can have in the fields of economy, finance, and banking.

Nzamutuma pledged to continue their initiative of offering training to aspiring finance and banking professionals, recognizing the high demand for these skills. He explained, "At CTC, we provide virtual investment training as part of our programs, enabling students from around the world to access our courses. Upon course completion, we organize conferences for direct interactions with industry experts."

Nzamutuma highlighted the need for such initiatives by pointing out that Africans often face isolation in the finance and banking sectors. He stated, "Africans are frequently marginalized in the world of finance management, but we offer a gateway for individuals to enter the banking industry. This is why we organize conferences, which are also covered by the media, to bring our activities to public attention."

In a recent achievement, CTC proudly graduated 57 students, with a majority hailing from the African diaspora in Europe. Impressively, 12 of them were swiftly employed by leading financial institutions in Europe, underscoring the relevance and effectiveness of CTC’s courses in meeting labor market demands.

The Saturday conference drew attendees from various parts of the world, including Canada, Austria, and Cameroon, among others. Prof. Alain Ruttiens expressed his satisfaction with the opportunity to contribute to the finance sector, while Leila Mutesi lauded CTC’s efforts in unleashing African potential. She stated, "It is time for Africans to unite and undertake projects of the caliber of the African bank. We eagerly await the establishment of the bank as an addition to the homegrown solutions introduced by CTC."

CTC’s overarching mission is to equip individuals with essential financial skills sought after by employers, including leading insurance companies. Moreover, the firm extends its expertise to financial institutions, guiding them in aligning with international standards. CTC also provides invaluable support to investors, aiding them in making well-informed investment decisions and ensuring the seamless operation of their enterprises.

Nzamutuma’s pioneering vision stands as a testament to the transformative potential of Africans in the world of finance.

The founder of CTC , Nzamutuma interacting with the company's Deputy Managing Director, Alice Umulisa.
Prof Prof. Alain Ruttiens is among financial and banking experts in Europe.
Rwandan living in Poland, Muganga was among participants of the event.
Prof. Alain Ruttiens delivering a talk.
Prof. Alain Ruttiens expressed his satisfaction with the opportunity to contribute to the finance sector.
An assessment was carried out to evaluate the trainees' comprehension of the lessons taught.
The conference was attended by CTC trainees and guests from different countries.
Participants of the event were given floor to share ideas.
Trainees also learnt the functioning of financial institutions.
From left: The Founder and Managing Director of CTC, Janvier Nzamutuma; Deputy Managing Director of CTC, Alice Umulisa and Prof. Alain Ruttiens at the event.
Anca Datcu, an expert in anti-money laundering and trainer at CTC, presiding over discussions at this conference.