Four arrested over forgery

On 19 August 2020 at 03:52

Four people were arrested on Monday, August 17, in Kirehe District for allegedly forging, issuing and using fake academic transcripts.

Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Hamdun Twizeyimana, the Police spokesperson of the Eastern region, said the suspects were arrested separately in Nyarubuye Sector in Nyarutunga Cell.

They include those, who were forging and selling the transcripts, and those who were using them.

"Two of the suspects; John Bikorimana and Joseph Tuyizere were applying for a job, which required them to produce at least a Senior Six certificate issued by Rwanda Education Board (REB)," CIP Twizeyimana said.

He added: "However, officials, who were overseeing the process, realised that their academic documents were forged, they called the Police, which took them into custody.

Bikorimana and Tuyizere were cooperative, they named two others; Emmanuel Urimubabo, 30, and Jean Baptiste Hakizimana, 26, for having helped them to forge the academic certificates. Urimubabo and Hakizimana were also located and arrested."

Bikorimana and Tuyizere are Senior two dropouts.

CIP Twizeyimana said that Urimubabo and Hakizimana were also caught with equipment, which they were using to make the forgeries, including a computer and papers.

The equipment were recovered in Urimubabo’s house.

CIP Twizeyimana advised those seeking jobs against "building their careers and the future on forged documents and criminal background."

"When you start your career using forged documents, you are wasting your future because at a certain point in time, you will be identified, arrested and you will go back to zero and regret all those years that you wasted instead of going to school," the spokesperson advised.

Forgery, under article 276 of the law demining offences and penalties in general, attracts an imprisonment of between five and seven years and a fine of between Rwf3 million and Rwf5 million or one of these penalties.