France journalist accused of genocide revisionism to be taken to court

On 17 December 2020 at 08:10

Natacha Polony, France journalist and the editorial director at Marianne Magazine, is set to be taken Paris Criminal Court for allegedly trivializing the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi as she featured in a talk show dubbed ‘Le duel Natacha Polony, Raphaël Glucksmann’ on radio France Inter on 18th March 2018.

Judge Milca Michel-Gabriel ruled the transfer of her case to the court On 11th December 2020.

At the time, Natacha Polony explained that there was no side of kind people that between perpetrators and genocide victims.

The aired talks how also talked about Colonel Guillaume Ancel, one of France soldiers who were in Rwanda during the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in ‘Opération Turquoise’ who published a book dubbed ‘‘Rwanda, la Fin du Silence’’ translated as (Rwanda, The End of Silence). The book sheds light on the role of France during the genocide which took lives of over 1 million Tutsis.

Natacha Polony explained that all writings about the genocide should depict the reality of what happened and came up with a conclusion that they will end up establishing no difference between genocide perpetrators and victims.

“It is necessary to consider the context of what happened that time which has nothing to do with bad and kind people. Unfortunately, the case deeply involves cruel against cruel people. This means, there was no side of kind and cruel people in that history,” she said.

Polony also declined to comment on RPF soldiers that stopped genocide but rather said the current Government is a dictatorial regime intimidating journalists and other opponents.

On behalf of Rwandans living in France, Lawyer Gisagara Richard immediately submitted an appeal to Superior Audiovisual Council (CSA) (France’s institution regulating broadcasted audio content) and requested the radio to provide explanations.

At the time, Gisagara told IGIHE that he had written to CSA and the Director of France Inter seeking explanations on the way forward following the destructive comments.

During a preliminary investigation, Natacha Polony admitted to have pronounced the disputed words but denied the meaning given to her speech. She however agreed that the genocide existed.

Natacha Polony, France journalist and the editorial director at Marianne Magazine.